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I wanted to write something about relationships, and that made me ponder over how many different type of relationships we maintain in our lives; happily, by obligation or simply for fun.

~ some are a mistake right from the start with nothing working for anyone.
~ some aren’t balanced, with one side investing lot more than the other.
~ some are one-sided all the way.
~ some constantly require time and effort to even sustain themselves.
~ some are maintained only to have someone to fall back on.
~ some we’re attached with by virtue of birth or lineage.
~ some are bound by common goals and interests.
~ some are circumstantial.
~ some we create, like marriage and kids.
~ some exist only because they make us happy.

This isn’t a list, just a few of the many examples we come across everyday.

The truth is, no relationship ever remains the same. When even a hint of stagnancy appears in it, it means the time has come to move on if you can, or recreate the spark that got you together in the first place.

There is no reason for why something works and why it doesn’t. There might be someone who was your entire world in some phase of your life but who is not more than a speck in your present. Conversely, someone who you walked past earlier without noticing can now be the one who always ‘gets you’.

What drives any relationship though is the commitment towards it and where it exists in peoples’ priority list. Hoping to make fire from ash, doesn’t work. Sometimes they just run out of their natural course.

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