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A Little Me on Me

Dear Me,

I’m glad that you finally realised the need to have this small chat with yourself. It was long pending, yes?

Your life is anything but dull right now. Working around the schedule of two demanding kids isn’t easy. You don’t give yourself enough credit but I think you’re doing a decent job. OK. Better than decent. Happy? ☺

I’ve always admired how much you invest yourself in any relationship you are in. I haven’t agreed with it at times, but I know that now you’re on the right track. You’re doing the right things for the right people.

I can see signs of maturity developing in you. The once hyper Varsh has now mellowed down and learned to put others before her, if need be. You’ve understood that giving is more important than receiving, and if you give you will certainly receive.

Your constant need for validation and attention needs to be worked on yet. Always remember, the eyes that can make you see right through the person’s soul need not be on you everytime. Does it change what they convey?

Try to give your best to everything but don’t expect to excel at everything. If you lose, don’t regret. If you win, give yourself a pat on the back and move on. Don’t dwell too much. It is the done that deserves a mention, not undone.

You’re part of an extremely special bond. Live it. Cherish it. Not everyone gets a second chance in life. Open your arms wide and let these moments sweep you off your feet. Their warmth is yours, so is their charisma.

The face of truth is before you. Welcome it. Treasure it.

Love yourself,

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  1. We should all talk to ourselves from time to time and a letter seems like a great idea. Thank you for this!

    1. All of us need some motivation or appreciation, isn’t it? Seldom do we give that pleasure to ourselves! Hence…this. Try it sometime…you’ll feel really good. ☺

  2. Loved it. And it reminds me to do a little conversation with myself too

    1. Do it, you’ll love it. Welcome here. ☺

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