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The Game of India

With the rain playing havoc in Mumbai, getting out with Angel has become very difficult. Apart from the essential groceries there isn’t much I go out for these days, but something I truly miss shopping for are books. Not only for me but also for A Jr.

I got this Student’s General Knowledge Encyclopaedia for A Jr the other day. He couldn’t control his excitement since it was the first ever thing he got delivered from Amazon! There were a bunch of books I’d ordered but this one caught his fancy. He was quick to go through it, asking for assistance whenever needed.

Between the Presidents of India, the currencies of various countries, a list of famous books worldwide, etc. the one thing that truly puzzled him was the number of games played in India. This was how our conversation transpired.

A Jr: *puzzled* Mamma…it is written here that India plays tennis also? And basketball also?

Me: Ofcourse. Weren’t you taught that our National Sport is Hockey? India plays a lot of games like football, kabaddi, badminton, tennis, swimming…

A Jr: *still puzzled* But there is cricket match on tv so many times. Dhoni plays cricket. I want to be a cricketer too when I grow up.

Me: Sure. But there are other games too that you can play. Like in hockey or football you need more energy or chess where you use your mind.

A Jr: *defensively* But cricket…

Me: Beta, what’s the fun in playing a game where half the time you’re fielding waiting for the ball to come your way? If you ask me, it’s rather boring.

A Jr: *thinking* Ok. I will consider playing other games too….but… I will watch cricket also. OK?

Me:*smiling* Ok!

I haven’t ever liked the way cricket makes news even when we aren’t performing moderately well and a blind eye is turned to all other games. IPL is probably responsible for glorifying it further.

While slowly the face of sports is changing in our country we still need to go a long way. Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom are just few of the many names that are making a mark worldwide with their talent and hard work.

I’m trying to get A Jr hooked on to some sport but as of now nothing’s happening. He has his mind in every sport…sort of a jack of all trades. Whatever he plays though, I wish he does see beyond cricket.

3 thoughts on “The Game of India

  1. Those books sound lovely. It’s nice if children are exposed to different games and choose what they really like, rather than going by all the peer pressure and limelight around 🙂

    1. He’s an indoorsy kind of a boy. Loves reading books, so I try to get him just as many. He just started with The Little Prince. ☺
      Some kind of sport is necessary though, and I’m hoping he acts on instinct…not for the limelight like you aptly put.

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