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Dreams, Nightmares and the Touch ~ My WOW Prompt

This post got selected! 🙂

This work of fiction is my entry for the WOW Prompt this weekend by Blogadda. The prompt is : ”There was something different about that touch”.

The breathtaking view, the evening sky filled with various glorious hues of crimson, the cool mountain air, the serene lake and the most precious of all, Karan. Reva’s beautiful life seemed like a leaflet out of the book called ‘Dreams can come true!’. As they held each other’s hands absorbing the vastness and sheer magnificence in display, they dreamingly weaved their life and future together.

Their’s was a love story made in heaven. They saw, they met, they loved and they married! They complimented each other in the most endearing way. Reva was a looker, the quintessential rebel who loved to break rules and a theatre artist. Karan was a fiercely competitive investment banker who loved to crush and kill his enemies with his wit and flair. Both of them were at the peak of their respective careers, and a bone of contention for many.

After going through the marriage rituals with much prodding and cajoling, they were now in the lap of the mountains, enjoying the last day of solitude before they had to go back to their demanding professions and schedules. Not having a soul in sight or listening to any sound other than the sound of nature, was a luxury they were surely going to miss in the maddening crowds of the city.

As they readied their bed in the balcony to sleep under the stars for the last time, Reva’s eyes too were filled with stars of her own. With the warmth of Karan’s skin against hers, she felt assured and protected. She knew she could drop all her guards in front of him and be the smitten and passionate girl no one knew she was. She wished Karan would see what he meant to her and expressed himself more.

Next morning, Reva woke up with a strange feeling. She realised she was blindfolded and when she tried to move, she found that her hands were tied too. Suddenly alarmed, she called out for Karan. After the fifth call, Karan calmly replied that he was right there. Panicking even more, she demanded to know what was going on. Karan came and sat next to her on the bed, slowly running his fingers over her face.

There was something different about that touch that sent a shiver down her spine. The loving, reassuring touch had somehow transformed into something cold and horrifying. The morning caress had vanished and made way for a distant odd contact. She was too petrified to react and too baffled to contemplate what was going on or what she should do next. How and why was this happening to her?

Just then, a gush of air knocked down a lamp nearby and she woke up with a jolt. ‘This was an early morning nightmare! Don’t they come true!?’ she wondered, still groggy.  She fervently looked around for Karan, heaving a sigh of relief when she found him standing quietly over the far end of the balcony, wrapped in nothing but her quilt, and looking at the gorgeous sunrise. All she could think of then, was smile! 🙂

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

15 thoughts on “Dreams, Nightmares and the Touch ~ My WOW Prompt

    1. Thanks Beloo. I believe we all have such nightmares some or the other time in our lives. Our mind refuses to believe the goodness…
      Thanks for your comment. Good to see you here. 🙂

  1. Reva dear, in the part of the world I come from, morning dreams come true! be careful..
    Varsh, started on fiction 🙂 haha, you had me for a moment there (he was only wrapped in a quilt, what a view :P)

    1. I’m enjoying fiction Pinsy. I got you means I atleast don’t suck at it. 😛

      For a moment I wished I was a quilt. What a feel too. 😀 😀

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