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The Game of India

With the rain playing havoc in Mumbai, getting out with Angel has become very difficult. Apart from the essential groceries there isn’t much I go out for these days, but something I truly miss shopping for are books. Not only for me but also for A Jr. I got this Student’s General Knowledge Encyclopaedia for… Read More The Game of India

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I wanted to write something about relationships, and that made me ponder over how many different type of relationships we maintain in our lives; happily, by obligation or simply for fun. ~ some are a mistake right from the start with nothing working for anyone. ~ some aren’t balanced, with one side investing lot more… Read More Relationships

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A Little Me on Me

Dear Me, I’m glad that you finally realised the need to have this small chat with yourself. It was long pending, yes? Your life is anything but dull right now. Working around the schedule of two demanding kids isn’t easy. You don’t give yourself enough credit but I think you’re doing a decent job. OK.… Read More A Little Me on Me

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Me: (excitedly) Did you see the dress I finally bought? A: (not interested) Yes. Me: (expectantly) So, what do you think? It’s nice na? A: (still not interested) Yes. Me: (slightly dreamy) Oh I loved the colour. I’ve never worn this colour. A: (unfazed) Hmm. Me: (bit edgy now) What happened? Is it not good?… Read More Typical!