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Famous and remembered #WriteBravely

Prabhu looked down the legendary winding staircase. He remembered being in complete awe of it when he visited this place for the first time. Commoners back then, some now famous names walked down this same flight of stairs everyday, just like him. While they treaded towards a promising future, his journey comprised of running errands for… Read More Famous and remembered #WriteBravely

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Things we see on the streets #WriteBravely

  “Kisiki muskurahaton pe ho nisaar…” sang Grandpa merrily as he wiped the filthy streets with his long rough broom. Little Bittu tagged behind him, bored and puzzled. He twitched his nose at the horrendous stench while the emanating dust made him cough. Grandpa neither noticed nor bothered. “You promised this would be fun!” cried… Read More Things we see on the streets #WriteBravely

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The Revenge #FridayFotoFiction

Camouflage face paint, hearts beating furiously and a resolve of acting out their sinister plan, they crouched behind the grill near the door. Revenge is a dish best served cold. She wouldn’t know what hit her! Inside, the lady regaled her bored maid about the ‘thieves’ she reported to the cops. Her alertness had helped… Read More The Revenge #FridayFotoFiction

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5 Maharashtrian sweet and savoury delicacies

Whether we travel within our country or outside, whatever our religion, surname or preference, the food and cuisine of the area we live in somehow finds its way to our plate. The food culture in India is rich and diverse with a wide assortment of sweet, savoury, seasonal, migrated and fusion delicacies that can tingle… Read More 5 Maharashtrian sweet and savoury delicacies