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Now cooking, with son: Paneer Lasagna

Cooking and writing are two of my favourite hobbies. No wonder then that sharing recipes, which involves both, is fast becoming my favourite third hobby. ­čÖé I prefer home food over outside food and like to toss up a storm in my kitchen with dishes I find interesting. Seeing how sportingly my guinea pig family… Read More Now cooking, with son: Paneer Lasagna

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Navigating the Parenting Labyrinth #Guestpost by Pranitha

Hello friends! Owing to bad health and then shifting homes I’ve reluctantly been away from my blog for quite some time. Although the guestpost for this month has been delayed by three days I’m happy to have an old blogger friend here who I haven’t met but seem to have a deep connection with. She… Read More Navigating the Parenting┬áLabyrinth #Guestpost by Pranitha

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5 Maharashtrian sweet and savoury delicacies

Whether we travel within our country or outside, whatever our religion, surname or preference, the food and cuisine of the area we live in somehow finds its way to our plate. The food culture in India is rich and diverse with a wide assortment of sweet, savoury, seasonal, migrated and fusion delicacies that can tingle… Read More 5 Maharashtrian sweet and savoury delicacies

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Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

Whether we see them or not movies are an undeniable part of our lives. Toddlers nowadays hear and parrot movie songs before they learn nursery rhymes, teenagers leer lasciviously over the increasing liplocking on screen, Bollywood dancing is fast becoming a rage while content-driven cinema beckons genuine movie-lovers. No one is left untouched! ­čÖé Pay… Read More Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

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City Always Eats #Guestpost by Anagha Yatin

Hi everyone! It is 15th February and I’m back with the second guestpost for the year by Anagha Yatin. Anagha is warm, supportive and one of the most motivational person/blogger I’ve met online. Because of her indomitable spirit, sharp wit and thoughtful words she has garnered a lot of fans in the blogosphere in a… Read More City Always Eats #Guestpost by Anagha Yatin