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Why I Read

Some time back I had a done a post on Why I Write. This time I want to write on Why I Read. I believe reading, like writing, is something that comes from within. One can try to inform, encourage or suggest, but unless there is an internal urge to gain and imbibe something from it, no one can get the liking or discipline to develop and nurture this hobby.

The blog world is always overflowing with posts by several brilliant bloggers on books in the form of reviews, their personal favourites or recommendations. There’s a vast pool of knowledge and information out there if someone is truly interested. With so many types of bloggers (travel, food, motivational, etc) the books you read about are also varied and cover a wide range of topics.

Having said that and with due respect to them, I for one am finicky when it comes to selecting books and generally rely on my own instinct. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There have been highly recommended books that have disappointed me and there have been lesser known ones that have captured my heart and attention. I guess it all depends on what I’m looking for in a book.

I’m more of a fiction lover, although my liking keeps changing quite often. Crime, mystery and law are my favourite genres. Think what you may of it but romantic novels make my stomach churn. The Fountainhead kind of sizzling passion is a complete sell-out for me, but Mills & Boons can put me to sleep. Although I own a few, self-help books haven’t been much of a help to me yet.

In the non-fiction kind I’m most fascinated by history and archaeology. I truly believe this was one career choice I could’ve given a serious thought to. I love to know about the world that was so different from the one we live in! Early civilisations, cultures, invasions, lifestyles and mannerisms are a pleasure and delight to study and explore.

What I like most about reading is the make-believe world it transports me to. The characters and situations created by the author become a part of my being and my world gels with theirs for a certain period of time. I laugh with them and cry with them. Their accomplishments give me a sense of achievement and their failures break my heart.

Reading gives me some much needed respite. Books have been my best friends through some tough times and my permanent bedside buddies. There’s always a book in my handbag, whether I’m travelling or off on a break somewhere. They give me a feeling of assurance and a lesson that the journey is important and enjoyable, not the destination.

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