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Extending a helping hand #SuperBloggingChallenge2018

No matter how well-meaning our intentions and actions might be, sometimes even a slight error in judgement on our part can sour relationships and deter us from extending a helping hand to someone who could really use it at that point of time. Feeling remorse probably isn’t enough, yet I’m hoping a heartfelt apology would… Read More Extending a helping hand #SuperBloggingChallenge2018

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Reflection in the Mirror

Smart phones and social media have made us all obsessed with looking good 24*7. Being glued to the screen is a common sight with teenagers and their parents alike nowadays. Added to it the age-old fixation with fairness, getting the perfect ‘model’ body and being beautiful in a way that has been beaten into our… Read More Reflection in the Mirror

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The Knowledge Concept

Does being knowledgeable about something make us narcissistic and unmindful of others’ opinions? Doesn’t not welcoming or accepting someone else’s better judgement make us appear conceited? Is being well-read and/or well-informed a plausible excuse to thwart peoples’ beliefs? Everyone’s need and inclination is different. Is imposing our views on anyone correct? Is theoretical knowledge enough… Read More The Knowledge Concept