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What you wanted to know about #blogging #guestpost

Hi All!

Today I present to you all a guestpost from one of the fastest growing and passionately driven blogger Dipika Singh I have had the opportunity to know on a personal level. Although I’m blogging for far longer than her, the insights she has given me about making blogging as a career are amazing! Read on as she shares her blogging journey with us. I’m sure you’ll be able to learn a thing or two from her experience and expertise.


What’s ‘Blogging’ for me..

When I share with someone far or close that I am a Blogger; I get a sense of pride. A feeling which cannot be expressed in words. Family members have reluctantly accepted this new-found love and started adjusting with it too. As a freelance educationist Books were always my friend. Be it fiction heavy loads or Kotler’s marketing gyan, the closet permanently had a nook for the favourite pile. Be virtual or physical books and I are inseparable.

Writing blog – came accidently to me. I was never a contented writer, tried my hands at ‘secret diary’ but after numerous failed attempts finally gave up. When few friends pushed to have a blog, I took it as a FAD.

Without giving much thought got my very first ‘free’ blog space some 3 years back. Made a profile and forgot about it. In January, 2017 a friend coaxed me to use the blog space for a writing competition; I absolutely had no inkling about. To bring a smile on her pretty face – wrote something and submitted. Few days later a notification conveyed which I never dreamt of – the write-up submitted won 2nd runner up prize. Voila!
Thus, began the Blogging Journey

Do It Now; Sometimes LATER Becomes NEVER!

The blog name was rechristened and I hopped on the bandwagon of writing. Content is the KEY. Being a Marketing professor professionally, I knew the genesis of any structure needs to be concrete. Hence, CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT my head kept on searching for readable and worthy topics. Why would someone take a detour on my page and read from it? It should be two-way process; blogger writes the heart out and get honest feedback in return (criticism included) from valued readers.

Joining blog prompt hops worked very well as a beginner. A blog hop – where the topic is given by the hosts and participants write to link on their site. Taking the niche as Parenting my blogging journey kick started with few accolades and lot of aspirations. Soon, the scope of writing under ONE niche felt constrained. Lifestyle Blog gives a larger area to expand and venture out on new dimensions. Taking few blogging challenges helped to grow out of the box.

Money matters!

There is nothing more exciting than; when one gets commercial benefits of the passion. Social Media Influencing is a vast ocean, and bloggers have array of earning opportunities too. When I learned about this concept it was exhilarating. With a slow & steady income, got domain and website registered – self hosted webpage. It was quite a discovery for me, new to blogging arena & ready venture into different writing zones.
But then mismanagement knocked the breath out…

The work multiplied and so is the commercial value involved; however, felt hollow inside. Writing transformed into producing, and thoughts left me paralyzed. The TIME which was adequate once to write from heart felt so less; deadlines churned my brains. Contended calmness is now filled with apprehension of finishing the work in hand. A clear case of biting more than could chew! Panicked with the total loss of direction, I took a time out from writing.

“Good Things Happen When You Set Your Priorities Straight” – Scott Caan

Set your priorities straight and ‘manage’ it right. This is crucial for sane and steady growth. I am not in contradiction of commercializing the blog; but crusader of proper planning & time management. In the process of gaining assignments I lost my honest readers due to clutter. Lesson is learnt and today planning has an important role in the blog designing. A blog represents the blogger’s imprints; hence it must be presentable. My blog is my reflection; it takes me to trance and helps rejuvenate. A personal space which motivates to do more and grow.

Personal note from guest post Author

For bloggers, their blog is place of worship – a solace which keeps them running/ breathing/ inspiring. Having more than a decade of corporate work experience, nothing has made me happier than a worthy remark on blog post. In lieu of making it a commercial success, one must not kill the soul of writing. Knowledge expands when shared earnestly; keep the reviews honest and justified.

About Author

Dipika Singh is a freelancer educator who loves writing from heart. Having worked in Banking and Hospitality industry for over a decade, today she enjoys her dual role as a mother and as freelance associate professor.

She began blogging journey early this year with her blog which is all about today’s women and associated reads – Parenting, Lifestyle, Fiction, Reviews, Events, Food. The love her blog gathered from all quarters & her soulful writing along with few accolades motivates to write more. Her journey marks a special thanks to all her friends met online in the blogosphere.

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33 thoughts on “What you wanted to know about #blogging #guestpost

  1. I really loved to read Dipika’S blogging story, I always read her articles and every time she surprised me with her out of the box thoughts…

  2. I loved reading your post… my blog will turn 3 this month and I can absolutely relate to what blogging means to you

  3. Thank You so much Varsha for giving me an opportunity to write, and glad we picked this topic in our chit chats.
    Love all the feedback have received here on your blog. Hope to do more such things in future. Love xoox

    1. Loved your post, Dipika. I took a lot of pointera from your post and I’m sure, so did many others. It was great to zero in on this topic. Bloggers definitely know how to encourage and motivate. ❤
      I will sure do something like this and hope you are game then too. Thanks for writing for me. Means a lot!

    1. Dipika has shared great pointers here, hasn’t she? Thanks Mayuri. Would be be able to know your blog journey too? I would be very interested in reading about it.

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