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One Thing I Love about Me #ThankfulThursdays

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There is a certain clarity that comes with being on the receiving end of jabs from everyone around you as a child. Thanks to getting picked upon for having a physical built on the heavier side, public-speaking issues arising from a less-than-articulate speech or the constant feeling of victimisation that comes from an oversensitive nature, I’ve had an inherent dearth of self-confidence growing up.

One might not imagine anything positive coming out of this ordeal but I feel that the pricking experiences of the past have made me a sorted and somewhat wary individual today who’s unfazed with the apparent shortcomings of a person and most certainly doesn’t use that as a benchmark to assess their personality.

I was a good listener, always, and that made me an agony aunt of sorts for my friends. Although, I’m not sure I succeeded in giving them any fruitful advice when asked for it. I wouldn’t elaborate the uncomfortable secrets I’ve had access to over time, but the one thing that I realised and started loving about me due to this was that ‘I never judge anyone.”


We all have a dark side that doesn’t open up for everyone. Confessing it to someone needs a lot of courage and trust. Imagine someone baring their heart to you and then having a shocking realisation when you categorically reveal your personal opinions, which sadly don’t agree with their way of life, to them. Wouldn’t they feel cheated and let down? Would we want to be responsible for it?

We are all facing our own struggles and battling our own demons. Increased dependence on technology has brought about its own set of issues, the most pressing one being the loss of personal interaction. Everything and everyone is so out there that differentiating truth from a careful setup is next to impossible. One needs to be vigilant before making an uninformed opinion or judgement.

I believe that we are all entitled to make our own mistakes and learn from them. True, there are people who say that we need to learn from others but not every individual can be trained to learn getting up without falling first. Likewise, we don’t have the liberty to dictate the way in which people should lead their lives. Let us not bring government and laws into this for now; I’m talking purely on a personal basis.

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46 thoughts on “One Thing I Love about Me #ThankfulThursdays

  1. Do not blame the technology blame it on economics….. which has taught us to maximise earnings and profits….. this very thought gave rise to building so called efficiency by reducing cot and removing human beings and giving way to machines and technology…… Its economics which changed our thought process and brought focus on single resource called Money….. and then all this chaos in life which destroyed our peaceful life……. But still Cheers……..

    1. Indeed! Technology is a mere tool. The blogger is laying emphasis on receding personal interaction. She’s speaking about independence. I don’t think the author would agree that having money or not isn’t a metric to like (or not like) a person

      1. Thanks Yuvi for your comment….. I understand what author is saying and I have added few things in that…… The complexity created by us for survival and existence is one of the main reasons of receding personal interaction………..

        1. Yes! I agree to that Friend! We have made survival very complex. As it is there’s a fight for the fittest!!! Now the money angle complicates matters.
          Indeed a good addition. Thanks Sudhir!

  2. “We don’t have the liberty to dictate the way in which people should lead their lives”
    – Varsh
    I am happy that we have open minded women like Varsha in the Indian blogosphere. I find her writings amusing for a sole reason. She’s unbaised in her opinion, be it about something, someone or even her own self. It’s like WYSIWYG!
    Recently, many Varshs have started speaking up on blogs. They are being true to themselves, rather than blogging clans & tribes who dictate how the bloggers should write.
    Thanks Varsh for the great read. My best wishes with you always.
    – Yuvi Zoplus

    1. Thank you so much, Yuvi. I truly believe that as adults the one thing we need to grant to everyone is the chance to have an opinion which doesn’t necessarily need to match ours. I don’t have any qualms about myself and hope that people do take pride in happily letting anyone be the way they are.
      Such tall praise for me makes me feel humble. Wish you the best too, always.

  3. Beautifully expressed, Varsha. This indeed is a true strength! 🙂

    Judging people, sadly, seems to come naturally to so many of us these days. The reasons we judge them are also becoming pettier by the day.

    1. Tell me about it, Deboshree. Judging is like a sport now, which everyone plays and creates their own rules as they do it. Why can’t be just learn to ignore something if we don’t like it? Having an opinion isn’t necessary everytime.
      Thanks for reading, Deb. As always, long time! 🙂

    1. You’re a professional, Amrita. You are trained to judge and identify the good and bad. Most people judge with absolutely no logical backdrop or info. That I feel is unfair. Let people do what they want, who are we to stop or bother them? Worst case, law can take its course.
      Thanks, Amrita. Loved writing for #ThankfulThursdays and hope to continue after this.

  4. I grew up as a child always short of confidence that reflected in my growing up years as a person and one thing I learned is not to judge people, no matter what they indulge into. There is no such thing as universal moral perspective. In the past, I judged people and realize how wrong I was. We all have our deep, dark secrets. The quote is true and it truly reflects on us.

    1. Wow, Vishal. You just summarised my whole post so wonderfully. Like the old saying goes, when we point one finger at someone we are pointing four at ourselves. It shows how hollow we sound and how amateurish we behave. Respecting people for what they are is something we all need to learn.

  5. Loved reading your post and your genioun thoughts. I like the quote written in the mid of the post. And i agree that we learn more through our own mistakes rather than through others. I just love the way you express all this. Great write up.

  6. Lyk most of the tym as u said wen Eva I’m confused n low..I share my confusion with my bestie…n everytym her thoughts doesn’t match with mine…n I feel cheated… But as y said it can be other sided also… We often learn frm our mistakes…. ???????????? u have presented it vry well….

  7. very well done!! In todays judgemental world, full of people trying to place their very selves on the pedestal, i think we need more people who are less judgemental and more understanding.

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