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Thank You, my lovely family! #ThankfulThursdays

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As I write this Angel is on her toy phone calling up her cousin and inquiring about his day at school, patronising him and informing him that she has a tiger (placard) in her school. She isn’t attached with A Jr in the same way, I’m afraid. As kids the concept of extended family or even not related by blood family is hard to understand, isn’t it? The whole world is one happy place and everyone who is good to us is part of our family.

We were a nuclear family but were brought up in a set up where eating, playing and even sleeping in neighbours’ homes was a commonly accepted practice. Househelps didn’t just do chores, they were trusted enough to look after our homes and kids while our mothers had their building wali kitty party. The neighbourhood kirana owner knew us well and allowed us kids to pick up anything from his shop after noting it down.

Such was my Dad’s clout, that I sometimes got reprimanded by complete strangers for speeding up my Kinetic in teenage years. Since I was the only girl in the Mechanical engineering course, my teachers were especially caring and protective for me. My hostel warden during my post-graduate days, who admonished and pampered equally, was no less than a mother to me.

My grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and a whole gang of cousins made every simple occasion special and memorable. Thank you, each and every one of you. It was because of you that I had to watch over my shoulder all the time, wasn’t lonely when I was alone and felt looked after even in a new place and city.


When I remember so many different people who enriched and enlightened my life, can you presume how priced my own family would be for me? I was blessed with the most broad-minded and loving parents in the world who trusted me blindly and gave me a free hand in doing whatever I wanted with my life. My brother, with his wicked sense of humour, is my biggest silent support. I had to scold him to stop making me laugh at my own bidaai and not make a spectacle of me. Imagine! :-/ 😀

The three gems of my life, my three As, are my mirror and my reflection. Never before did I feel as complete in my life as I feel around them. In many ways, they’ve made me a better person. While A brought some much-needed stability in my otherwise hassled life, both my babies give me reason to smile and count my blessings everyday. No amount of gratitude can make up for this precious feeling. God is smiling fondly at me. <3 <3 <3

We don’t get to choose where and which family we’re going to be sent to. The ones born with a silver spoon or the ones who have to fend for their lunch from a young age, everyone has issues. I agree not all families are perfect. We all have our good, bad and insanely ugly days. What matters is how we deal with and get past them. Remember, whether it is a glittery Diwali puja or a decorated Christmas tree, a family makes any celebration worthwhile.

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13 thoughts on “Thank You, my lovely family! #ThankfulThursdays

  1. Loved the thought…”its the family that makes every celebration worthwhile” So true Varsha! With family around every moment is a celebration and without them even the festivities are so charmless!

  2. What a beautiful post this is Varsha, its the family that brings happiness, family that converts a house into home. I had equally fun filled childhood with cousins, extended family and stuff but today that concept is rare.
    How I wish the same kind of childhood for my kid.

  3. Family is the best gift from God.. I truely appreciate it even more now that I’m in a nuclear setting.. And having support of family, extended ones as well as friends who are more than family can help overcome difficulties… Even some soothing words or their mere presence can help bring that positive vibe we seek in difficult times

  4. The institution of neighbourhood is extinct. The concept of family too is under pressure. I am glad I’ll be gone before humans are manufactured in artificial wombs or assembly lines akin to The Matrix, and brought up in farms. That is a heart-warming post, and a tribute to your family. Those who cannot appreciate the value of family enough, must watch A.I. Artificial Intelligence directed by none other than Steven Spielberg.

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