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How to enjoy festive season this year #CauseAChatter

It’s almost November and time to gear up for one of the biggest festivals of the year; Diwali. As soon as Dussehra festivities wrap up there’s a flurry of activity in every household each year. Elaborate shopping and grocery lists are made while old unused stuff is given away to make way for new. Although celebrations are mellowed down this time round, it is now more important than ever that we keep up the festive spirit. This festive season is different, hence the way we go about it should be different too.

Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Now that Europe is engulfed in the second wave of coronavirus, we must be vigilant and hopeful to keep it at bay. Our resolve, however, would be simply words if we don’t make changes in our casual approach.

How to enjoy festive season this year_avibrantpalette

Get into festive mode, cautiously

Festive season means endless trips to the market. How is it possible to ensure social distancing during this time?

  • Online shopping – Most big brands now have good online portals in place and offer good discounts too. Shopping online and sanitising the boxes is easier any day.
  • Timing – Malls are often crowded during peak hours. Afternoons are comparatively relaxed and the right time to shop. Also, kids can enjoy their treats now that restaurants are open too.
  • Make a list – One can always enjoy window shopping later. Keep a list handy to avoid entering into shops that aren’t a priority. This will save time and money, both.

Make it a family affair

Women of the house are already stressed with additional work. Since snacks and cleaning are a given during Diwali, collective family effort would be welcome.

  • Cook with kidsWe underestimate kids when it comes to cooking. They’re excited and learn fast. Involve them in simple things like rolling small mathris, laying them out to dry and carefully storing them when cool.
  • A helping hand – Clearing out cobwebs, shifting beds to clean under them etc are strenuous jobs that need a helping hand. Don’t hesitate in asking the men in the house to do the needful.
  • Get creative – Not just work, enjoy some creative time together buying diyas and colouring them, making colourful rangolis and putting up beautiful lanterns. It’ll be a lovely experience!


Mindful eating is a must

Most of us spill cold water on our diet during the festive season. While binging is normally allowed, one cannot afford health risks right now.

  • KISS – Keep it simple ‘n’ short! Don’t make a variety of Diwali food items only because it’s a practice at your place. Readymade options are good as well.
  • Choose wisely – Use wheat or other whole grain flours, jaggery and natural food colours like beetroot or spinach juice wherever possible. Air fryers, microwave ovens etc are a great way to enjoy our favourite snacks without the calorie overload.
  • Portion control – Like I always say eat healthy, but mindfully, keeping close tab on your intake as well. When one kaju katli is enough to satisfy your cravings, don’t go for the second one. Simple.

Share your happiness

Happiness multiplies when shared and what better time than the festive season to bring a smile on someone’s face, right?

  • Make those pending trips – Thankfully, the lockdown has now been relaxed everywhere. Catch up on your friends, family and neighbours, exchange goodies and enjoy the missing feeling of togetherness.
  • Vocal for Local – Scores of people have lost their livelihood in the past few months. This is the time to support our local businesses by buying and promoting them. Online or offline do your bit to make their Diwali brighter.
  • Donate to the needy – Something as small as distributing sweets to the street kids is a good gesture, it is the feeling that matters. You can also donate to any NGO that works for a good cause. Giving back to society is a responsibility we all must shoulder.

This festive season, let’s promise to collectively work towards making the world a better and safer place. Earth has replenished itself beautifully while we were indoors. Let us try to keep it that way by celebrating a green and pollution-free Diwali, shall we?

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This is my ninth post in my Health and Wellness Series for #CauseAChatter. Would love to know your thoughts about it!

13 thoughts on “How to enjoy festive season this year #CauseAChatter

  1. I liked how you decoded KISS. I will be starting the snack preparation from this weekend and have already told my better half about my expectations in terms of help.

  2. Loved all the ideas Varsha. Indeed this year’s Diwali is little different and we have to take extra precaution for being safe. O really like the idea of making donations to needy. This is a meaningful way to celebrate festival.

  3. What is Cause a chatter? How come I don’t know about it? This year, Diwali is going to be very muted and devoted to family I guess.Hope everyone is safe and plays a safe Diwali in these pandemic times

  4. Diwali may be would carry a different color this year but enthusiasm is not going to compromised in any way. you have perfectly mentioned all the pointers to keep the safety at priority along with the celebration.

  5. Very helpful post Varsh, indeed this year would be different. But that’s not a reason to not make it un forgetful one. I like your tips on making it a family affair

  6. This Diwali is going to be different but that doesn’t mean we can not enjoy the festival. You have shared some really good pointers that can make this festive season special for all of us & we can enjoy it with our family & friends.

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