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Are body positivity and transformation related? #MyFriendAlexa

“I finally realised that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself” ~ Oprah. Self-image has an important role to play in the way we perceive ourselves. Although unfair, outward appearances contribute to a certain extent to a person’s personality and confidence. Does it mean that people who aren’t traditionally good-looking are not beautiful? Do they have to change to feel body positivity? Am I so hollow to attach substance to it? Definitely not.

Quickly enough we’ve come to last post of my ‘The New Me’ series. I’ve discussed my transformation with you in detail over the past few weeks. It has been a long, challenging and lonely journey but, for me, a feather in my cap. I now realise that my discipline isn’t limited to my kids and that I haven’t yet explored my true potential. Your wonderful feedback has been an amazing motivation too. In this post I’m trying to address a point some of you have rightly raised. Is weight loss necessary for body positivity? Shouldn’t we be happy the way we are?


No matter what we want to believe, psychosomatic effect is a fact. To feel good inside out one must concentrate on both. Ideally, happiness is an extremely personal feeling but I would still suggest an introspection. Surprised? Let me explain.

  • Slim people face judgement too – While most of us join gyms for weight loss or toning I was surprised when a couple of slim girls joined mine to gain weight. A quick chat with them revealed that they  had been on the receiving end of tremendous body shaming. They had a nutritionist monitoring every morsel they took and seemed overwhelmed by this entire exercise. “How did they feel about it?” I asked. One of them shrugged, confessed that she’s underweight and felt weak. So you see, transformation has many aspects and reasons. As long as one is convinced, why not?
  • Make good health the driving force – We don’t have to wait for a sinister health scare to prioritise it, right? I saw my Mom struggling with lifestyle diseases and its side-effects all my life. Bulky frame aside I wasn’t the poster girl for good health either. I was a compulsive gourmand, low in self-esteem and couldn’t run to save my life. Adopting a healthy lifestyle including mindful eating, dedicated exercise time and a happy feeling of body positivity changed my life. If our intent is to get better every step towards it is right. Isn’t all this worth trying for?

  • Positive affirmations for you – Positive affirmations have the potential to inspire us even on the most difficult days. Change the narrative from ‘Why me’ to ‘Whoa me’ and observe how your life changes. The wallpaper on my phone has a picture of me running with “My best is yet to come” scribbled across it. This belief in me is my biggest takeaway from my transformation. Start your day with a positive thought and don’t forget to compliment yourself daily. Body positivity can never be independent of your mind’s healthy conditioning. Tell yourself you’re doing great, because you are.
  • Transformation is your choice! – I cannot stress this point enough. If you’re healthy, secure and happy in your skin, it is nobody’s job to pick at you. You’re not bound to heed it either. Few people have utilised the lockdown to get back in shape while many others have reduced themselves to a couch potato. Some situations are simply thrust upon us. How we imbibe them and let them influence our lives is in our control though. Stagnation is a silent killer. Keep yourself active, mentally and physically, and you won’t need a significant transformation at all. In any case, you and only you get to decide that.

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Our thoughts and lifestyle carry more significance than peoples’ attitude towards us. Learn turning a blind eye and deaf ear to them and you’ll experience the most amazing Zen feeling. Additionally, women are known to suffer from identity and midlife crisis as they age. The mental and physical changes I’ve gone through will hopefully arm me in handling myself better when my kids flow the nest. After all, isn’t this the kind of love and transformation we all deserve? What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “Are body positivity and transformation related? #MyFriendAlexa

  1. Positive Self body image comes first. Then we don’t care what others say to us. We get to much carries away with what others say that we start to see ourselves from their eyes.

  2. I loved and enjoyed your series thoroughly. I agree the problem is not how we look or how people perceive us.. It’s about our own thinking. Just love yourrself and have positive body image.

  3. wow that’s ana amazing blog post .. a lot of it is your mindset.. I believe acceptance and positivity is the key to transformation

  4. First great series dear and with each post you had shared really good information for readers. I agree self transformation journey is combination of multiple factors and taking care of each aspect work wonder in long term.

  5. I couldn’t agree more, we have to learn to love ourselves and keep us as a priority. Our thoughts and the way we think indeed impacts our life 🙂

  6. wise words Varsha! positive mindset and our attitude is the thing that can change anything 360 degrees. we definitely need to pay more attention to what we are saying to ourselves, and not so much of what the others are saying.

  7. II have seen and read your journey towards fitness. All I can say is that you need to have overall wellness in mind while on tthis journey. And most importantly it is always important to listen to yourself and not others.. they will always pick out flaws in you no matter one is flabby or thin

  8. Your transformation is epic Varsha. And I am so glad you share and flaunt it to the world. People just don’t want to go the extra mile or push themselves. Once you steel your mind you can achieve anything. Hats off to you.

  9. I loved reading your series ‘The New Me’, all your posts are so helpful & full of positivity. I feel if one is happy in their skin and the way they feel mentally & emotionally, they should not bother about what others say. That’s the only way they can remain happy longer.

  10. Your posts has been a great source of motivation in Alexa journey! Well said, it is always better to turn blind when someone tries to pull you down through your looks, better to utilize energy in shaping our positive mindset.

  11. I would say YES, definitely. Any change in our body with a dedicated hardwork is all about bringing positivity, isn’t it. I am a huge fan of your transformation journey, which is also very positive.

  12. Totally agree on the importance of body positivity. I used to be very thin but never minded any comments since I loved being thin. But it has been more difficult to adjust to the muffin belly after two pregnancies, especially twin.

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