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A Few Good Moments

I realised I haven’t done an exclusive post on A Jr since a long time. Quite a feat! Guess this can be attributed to the fact that the very happening life that he leads doesn’t permit me to sit and write on one particular thing. He’s on a roll the whole time, if not playing and making merry, then talking incessantly about anything and everything he comes across! 😀

All kids love vacations, but the exceptional case that he is, he despises them. He misses his gang of friends, his teacher and his Didi a lot and talks with them many times in a day on his toy cell phone. He speaks not only with his friends, but even their moms and their grandparents, complaining about how they are mean to him at school and how they don’t listen to their teacher. 😛

I thought only girls did that, but at least as of now he tells me everything that happened at school, including how many times someone went to the loo and who didn’t finish his lunch-box. He mimics his friends’ dialogues and his teacher’s mannerisms, to scare and lecture me respectively 🙂 :). I took many of the small anecdotes he had about his school as imaginary, but thankfully his teacher confirmed them for me.

A Jr loves cycling but like everything else it comes with a condition. The king needs the presence of his humble subjects when he ventures down to do anything, cycling included. All kids are allowed to marvel and ogle at his bike but no one’s allowed to touch it 😀 :D. He’ll insist us to take him out for cycling but won’t pedal until he sees other kids around. He’ll sit like he’s sitting on his couch not moving even a few millimetres if he doesn’t feel like it and won’t even let me leave. This irritates me no end while he makes a sad victimised face. 🙁

I’m not a very religious person but spending a few minutes everyday in God’s company makes me feel very positive and rejuvenated. I make it a point to light a diya in my home temple everyday and make sure that A Jr is with me while I do this. I made him recite difficult mantras like ‘Vakratunda Mahakaya..’, ‘Shubham Karoti..’, Gayatri Mantra etc. since he was quite young and now he utters them perfectly. He insists on watching ‘Gananayakaya…’ every time I start my laptop and is very excited to see so many Ganpatis in the video. I think in a way his faith is stronger and deeper than mine.

He’s fast becoming a strong support system for me too. The other day I had a slight headache and he happily gave me a head massage. He helps me out in the kitchen, doing odd jobs like handing me vegetables or sometimes a spoon or a plate that is within his reach. He eats food of his choice. The healthy eating that I always encouraged seems to have worked since he likes to have sabzi and roti over anything else. 🙂

Motherhood might be tough at times, but mostly it is a whole lot of fun, isn’t it? 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Few Good Moments

    1. I’m sure he would G…if you bribe him enough! 😀 😀
      Teach him as many shlokas as you like….tell him it’s for God…he’ll happily repeat after you 🙂

  1. it certainly is a lot of fun and something that is close to our hearts 🙂 only mothers can understand this feeling,no?
    AJ is a darling…I so wish we meet soon again!

    1. Yess…a lot of fun…makes you wanna cuddle up the little one and keep pecking him! 😀
      I loved being around kids earlier too…but I guess after becoming a mother the feeling is more special and nostalgic. 🙂
      Yeah hope we meet soon…but you’re missing the blog meet…yes? 🙁

  2. Sabzi and Roti in return for head massages… not a bad deal!!! 🙂 Good that he at least eats and does not act finicky like a lot of kids of his age!!! Good to see him turning out to be such a good boy 🙂

    1. Yeahh…getting him to eat sabzi and roti is not as tough as I’ve seen with most kids his age…it all comes with some mind game though…you’ll become stronger than Raone and all 😀
      Hope he continues to be as grows when he grows up too 🙂
      Welcome here Bridgy! 🙂

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