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Vacation and detox #FridayFotoFiction

Finding a secluded corner in the buzzing restaurant at lunchtime was a nightmare. Meera’s irresistible charm did the trick though. As she quietly settled with her paraphernalia at the ocean view table, her mind was already at work.

‘This must be quick’, she reflected, as she longingly ran her fingers over the treasured embroidered package. Vikram’s pool game would be over soon. He wouldn’t come here for her!

The waiter appeared, laid the drink on the table and left quietly. Meera switched on the I-pad she had managed to hide from Vikram, absently wondering who ordered it.

‘I don’t need Social media detox. Vikram and his shrink were overreacting.’ she muttered under her breath as Facebook and Instagram passionately called her out.

The silence, setting sun and empty glass in front of her brought her out of her reverie. How long was it? Had Vikram been there? Was he right?

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11 thoughts on “Vacation and detox #FridayFotoFiction

  1. My husband would so agree with this!
    As would many other partners!
    Good take on the prompt, Varsha.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

  2. Ah! Varsha you said it I myself find it tough to leave aside the phone and keeping tabs on various social media sites is surely stressful. We have all become zombies stuck to social media.

    1. Social media is good, but like you said the zombiness is a bit too much. Unless we draw a line it can stress us even on holidays.
      Thanks for reading, Sudha.

  3. Social media is making most of the people give up their active social life, live in virtual world and thus become recluse… sad and true!
    Loved this take on prompt Varsh.

    1. Ironic that social media leaves us with no social life, isn’t it? Too bad Meera couldn’t save herself from its grip even during a vacation.

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