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The Changing Uni-form

The other day I was amusingly dressing up A Junior in his first ever school uniform(which is very vibrant with a bright yellow shirt and navy blue shorts and red collars and pockets), and I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic and going down the memory lane, remembering the very essential part of our school: our school uniform.
The first sign of identification that one looks out for to comprehend which school you belong to is your uniform. During our time there wasn’t much experimentation with colours and our uniforms looked very bland and boring. The colour was a strange shade of brown; girls wore a frock which had a belt around the waist, while guys had a shirt and shorts of the same colour. Secondary students wore a maroon coloured tie.

The school norms for beautiful mehndi designs on hands, girls showing off their stylishly cut tresses in pony tails or better still leaving them open, and the length of the frocks getting dangerously above the knees were not very strict, hence it was fun to watch the college years already descending upon some of us. Also, it added some spice to the tasteless rag that we had to wear every day.

Passing out of school I felt that uniforms had finally left my life for good. In Junior college I breathed a sigh of relief when I wasn’t forced to don the same washed and rewashed clothes again and again the whole week. I had the freedom to choose from the countless dresses that I had lying around in my closet and which were crying out to be worn! But my joy was short-lived, to say the least.

When I was an engg student we again (!) had a uniform (can you believe it!): white shirt and blue jeans. The specifications were very clear; both guys and girls had to wear a buttoned shirt (for girls the expected length of the shirt was well below the waist) and a decent pair of jeans (meaning no holes in them and no threads hanging out of anywhere).

The crowd of any college being an ensemble of students from varied backgrounds, geographical locations and level of financial conditions, these criteria were obviously very rarely met. The fact that these ‘uniformed’ people were now adults and had a rebellious quality that was ready to show itself at all times became a hindrance in regulating them. So yet again, the uniform became a fashion statement.

Looking back, I feel they weren’t that bad either. It’d have been a punishment to decide every night what to pick out for the next day and get the selected dress in order, not to mention the accessories and embellishments to go with it. Now, when A complains that I take a hell lot of time to decide on what to wear and almost empty my whole closet to find what best suits my mood, I feel I could actually make do with a uniform for going out with my husband!

14 thoughts on “The Changing Uni-form

  1. I had to wear uniform in my engineering college too….and yes later I too realized that it was actually an advantage…..just as you mentioned….thanks for the nostalgia 🙂

  2. kya na..see you are kind of cribbing that you had an uniform in engineering college..and we in MBA college always cribbed that we don't have one :PLife's like that na..but hey to tell you the truth apna school uniform kuch bhi tha yarr…I mean the cream color was so dull na ? it could have been at least white shirt with dark brown shirt..but any ways…yes it was such an important part of schooling lives :)LOL @ wearing a uniform while going out with A :P..he won't have problems to locate in thick crowd 😛

  3. @Addy: Oh you too…I hated it back then…but it easier if you know beforehand what to wear rather having to decide that everyday…right?Me got nostalgic too 🙂

  4. @Nu: Yaaa…we looked so awful having to wear that frock in 10th std! It could've been anything.. but those people selected the worst colour and pattern! :(We didn't have a uniform as such in MBA, but we had a sari that we needed to wear once a week…which most girls didn't..but yes we had to wear them during placements and interviews :PUniform with A…sounds fun..but in that case we'd need a family uniform na…or else people would start recognising me as the 'woman-with-the-same-clothes-again'!

  5. nice post dear on uniform….but wearing uniform alws gives a sense of discipline and sincerity…which i think we as parents want it in our children….rite…moreover dear which girl doesnt like a Man in uniform….hai na….but i rem in my school days i had to wear a skirt which was below my knee…ofcourse my aai was parenting me….

  6. aaahh those good old days of school uniforms…i used to like it 😀 for a while in between in our school they let us wear anything of our choice for one day every month. that day of the month was pain and i didn't like it much :D…and school discontinued the practice soon after the started it…good for me 😀

  7. I loved wearing a school uniform..and I moved cities and hence schools so many times that I never got bored with any of my uniforms :DYou take me back to a wonderful time Varsh.. and A Jr.'s uniform sounds like a whole lot of fun.. 😀

  8. @rohini: True…a uniform is intended to bring in a feeling of oneness and discipline…uniformed men…ofcourse…who wouldn't like them :PYes yaar…I was talking about some other 'modern' type girls of our school 😉

  9. @Titaxy: Oh I loved to wear 'colour dress' to school :)I used to wait for my birthday so much…only 'se we had the liberty to show off our new 'birthday dress' in front of everyone :)Our school never had any such practice 🙁

  10. @Comfy: I'd been in two different schools but they belonged to the same institute and we had the same uniform in both…I never got the chance to wear anything other than what I'd worn since K.G! :(It'd be so nice if every new academic year could begin with a new uniform! Nevertheless…you atleast got to wear a wide variety of them :)Oh yes…A Junior's uniform looks very cute.. I couldn't help clicking pictures from every possible angle when he was all dressed up! 🙂

  11. We used to hv uniform only for the Mech.Workshop in engg .. bohhhring blue pant and shirts 😛 I used to hate wearing that one ;)LOL @ hvng an uniform while gng out with A .. nice idea that one 😉

  12. @Swaram: We had to wear a coat over out uniform in the workshop…that too when it was hot! :(OMG…after reading what I wrote A's not ready to go out with me now (hope he's secretly happy for the money I'll save if I actually do it)! 😛

  13. LOL…uniform with husband is darn good idea I tell u….mainly coz my husband makes me change atleast 2 outfits b4 we go out;-/. With a uniform it will be a piece of cake;-D

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