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Why your blog deserves the #MyFriendAlexa experience!

Blogging has evolved exponentially over the last few years paving way for many brilliant closet writers to become published authors. It has given voice to social causes, become a bankable career choice while giving bloggers a personal space and platform to express themselves. However, a blog is no more than a personal diary until it… Read More Why your blog deserves the #MyFriendAlexa experience!

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The Picture #ShortStory (Part 1)

Mohit gazed out the window of his luxurious corner office absently toying with his half-filled coffee mug. The picture perfect view of the Queen’s Necklace normally warmed his heart and soothed his ego but today his mind was elsewhere. The coffee had long gone cold while his eyes lay transfixed on the crashing waves. He… Read More The Picture #ShortStory (Part 1)