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The week that was

The first week, which is supposed to be the toughest, is over. Tough it was, alright! Most for me, since every day I had to leave him at the door while he clung to me tightly, refusing to let go of my hand and howling as loud as he possibly could. I chose to take him there myself (buses are a big no-no right now!) and wait till his one hour is over.
Moms are blessed with a sixth sense to identify when their kids need them. I seem to have a sharp one, since every time A Junior cries I can make that out (I’m just downstairs, remember?). The first day, I held my ground for some time, even trying to ignore it a bit, but obviously I couldn’t sit reading there while my son was in tears and in company of strangers. I literally ran back there and brought him with me. The whole duration: 30 minutes.

A got upset and said he’d expect the same thing to repeat every day, and that I HAVE to be strong and stretch it to one hour. Well, easy to him for say. He’s not come to drop him there, what does he know? But nevertheless I took his advice, and after that we did seem to manage it successfully.

There was a new revelation everyday though. He won’t eat from it, but he doesn’t like anyone to close his lunch-box (anyone can do the honours of opening it). He’s least interested in sitting in the class with other kids; instead he sits with the incharge there, in her office. Even a casual mention of the word ‘Ma’ is enough to put him off. When given a book he happily looks at the pictures in it, flips pages through it and can be totally left on his own. Etc etc etc….

His obsession for waving out to people, anywhere and everywhere is very endearing! Coming out of the lift, getting off the train, even while walking on the pavement, he makes sure to wave to everyone. Even the most khadoos looking people can’t help smiling back at him. And oh yes, the moment he sees another kid, he calls out for him, runs to him if he can, and hugs and caresses him (wonder what the kids in his class did!).

Many more instances are going to follow which I’ll keep you updated with!

Although this arrangement seemed torturous at first, it’s been a welcome break to catch up on my reading. The fact that there’s a library right in front of his school is an added bonus!

13 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Awww..I know you must be feeling dreaded about sending him away even for that 1 hour..but as I said you will be accustomed to this arrangement soon and see you have already seen the positive side of it: reading ! Good luck to Junior and kiss him for me 🙂

  2. Yeah Nu..YAY!!! :)True…some or the other day this situation's going to present itself…I had expected this…since he's never left me ever since he was born!I'm so happy I'm finally getting the time to read…no disturbance :)Sure will give him a kiss from you :)Muaahhh!!

  3. yeah i kn how does it feel….the earlier days are quite bad…but be tough…and u will see in few days he will be happy staying in school….enjoy this session also…

  4. I still remember my first day when i went with my mom. I cried too. and nthng was good enuff 2 to console me. I had my own questions…ur post made me go into those lanes…and thts not wht i do everytime. Someday ur child wuld read this and knw how it was…..wished my mom blogged too. 🙂

  5. @rohini: Aga kay sangu tula…tyala watta mi ragavliye tyachyawar :(But its true…some or the other day he has to used to this…and I've to make sure I'm strong!

  6. @Comfy: Yes dear…I think after some days he won't even remember just how much he detested leaving his Mom and going there…but I will :(The first step of 'letting go' your kid :(((((Hugs))))

  7. @Garf: Heyyy there…where had you disappeared?? Good to have you back here!! :)You remember your first day at school? You might have a photographic memory then! I haven't the slightest flashes of mine!Yeah..I think when he grows up he'd know what his Mom went through when she dropped him to school…and all the other 'cute' things he did as a kid! 🙂

  8. @CR: Sorry dear I missed out on replying to your comment earlier :(*A Junior waving back to you* :DHope so too…not sure about him, but I need the luck 😛

  9. @Swaram: Yaaa…looking at him I sometimes feel how expressive and unpolluted kids are…they don't mind smiling or waving at anyone, in fact they do it happily! Why can't we do it?? :DI'll give him a hug from you dear :)Oh yes…I already finished 'The Winner Stands Alone' by Paulo Coelho…getting another one tomorrow! 🙂

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