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F is for French Fries #BlogchatterA2Z

“Where did they get this from?” is one question that keeps niggling me every time I see my kids hop animatedly at the sight of a McDonalds or a Burger King. They aren’t fans of burgers, mind you. It is the French fries that make them drool. A quick stop at any of these joints can buy us hours of shopping time and peace. Like Joey, they don’t share food (only when it is French Fries, you can happily have their vegetables). This post, in essence, has been written on their special request. 🙂

French fries need no introduction. These golden coloured yummylicious deep-fried potato strips are made from fresh or frozen potatoes. They’re called by different names and made in different ways in European countries like France, UK and Spain. There is an ongoing debate about how French these fries really are but minuscule matters like this don’t concern their ardent lovers. Fast food chains from the United States have popularised them in their current form. They’re all the rage amongst kids and adults alike.

I sometimes feel tad envious of the exposure and opportunity kids from bigger cities got which we didn’t at our age. My family was a complete foodie and we pampered our taste buds often with our preferred dhaba food. I was a nerd when it came to being familiar with famous fast food chains or even coffee shops though. We had none of them in our city much until I was in college. Doordarshan didn’t telecast any such commercials either. For my kids, well, it’s an entirely different story.

I had taken A Jr for a blog meet when he was around 2. All of my blogger friends were amazed when they saw this adorable non-fussy toddler sit on a high chair and munch on carrots and tomatoes. “Such a rare healthy-eating boy!” they chimed admiringly. My mom-heart swelled with pride and I silently patted myself on my back for his appreciable eating habits. Alas, this happiness was short-lived. 🙁

When he was younger, I always fed him beforehand or carried his tiffin with us when we ate out. As he grew up though his inclination for all things unhealthy *rolling eyes* notably soared. McDonald’s have an astute marketing strategy of giving away fancy merchandise. This is how A Jr got introduced to it too. I cajoled and rebuffed him initially but had to give in to his demands eventually. We ordered French fries or garlic bread for him after I extracted a promise that he’ll finish his meals at home without cribbing.

Both of them are east and west in most respects but when it comes to French fries, A Jr and Angel always look the same way. They gang up instantly and even take initiative for waiting in long queues to get their mouthful. The heart wants what the heart wants after all! Within moments they’re also ready to rip each other off over that small satchet of ketchup given alongwith. I can understand favourites but this is borderline madness. *head-palm*

French fries are now available with a huge variety of creamy toppings like cheesy mayonnaise and flavours like Peri Peri. I’ve also seen them used as toppings on pizzas. Sizzlers taste best with a generous helping of French fries on the side. Did you ever imagine that fried potato could go through so much innovation? 😀

Do you gorge on French fries too? Would you like their original flavour or prefer to try them with toppings? Do let me know. 🙂

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge for April 2019

23 thoughts on “F is for French Fries #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. With each post you are getting better, Varsha. I think you’re enjoying writig the posts now.
    I love French Fries with a melted cheese topping. However my weighing scale doesn’t, so I keep away:)
    Interestingly, in or Punjabi food, we add French Fries to almost all the vegetables we make, bhindi, fansi, gobhi etc.

  2. French Fries, MacDonald variety, may be unhealthy but tastes so good. Is there a comparison with healthy veggies? No, I don’t think so. Simple mention of French fries makes me have some.

  3. I didn’t like French Fries a lot earlier. But my 3 months in Europe have changed that! French Fries were a part of a lot of meals. Belgian Fries are the best 😀 And about liking fries in their original form or with additional toppings – it depends on my mood! 😀

  4. Tuneer and I both love French fries so much so that I went through multiple YouTube tutorials to make them the perfect way. I love peri peri fries though the boy loves it with mayo and ketch up.

  5. After all these serve at home people like Swiggy and Zomato put in an appearance, my twelve year old daughter insists we have pizzas or some other fast food variety at least twice every week. I used to gorge on French Fries and Spicy Paneer Burgers when I was younger but that kind of thing doesn’t agree with my digestive system, now that I am in my early fifties. So we have to place two Swiggy orders, one for some plain dal and wheat parotas and rotis for me and my wife while my little one simple freaks out on burgers, french fries and Garlic bread.

  6. French Fries!! Sigh! I have 2 grandsons and I make french fries for them when I am with them. I wish I could afford to eat them too…Love the garlicky ones. Not fair Varsh….I am a frugal eater and u made me drool now!

  7. I have an eternal love for French fries too, as does my son. As a student in London, I would often get Fish n Chips for takeaway dinner. Their servings were so large, that I’d get two meals out of it- one of the fish, and one entirely of French fries!! (I really hope my mother doesn’t read this! ??)

  8. I can live on french fries forever. Though i bake them now so they are baked and not fried anymore. My gals demand for chocolate french fries daily, I am planning to experiment soon.

  9. My younger one loves french fries and can have them every day. Enjoyed reading your post about it and your mom story. I love them too but resist myself although it’s hard. ?

  10. Recently I was visiting my sisters place and they served air fried french fries with mayo and spring onions. My mouth still waters when I recall the bliss. I think french fries is one food item that could easily be called the universal food item.

  11. In Indian cooking we use potato almost daily so the liking develops as a child. Home made french fries waa occasional as a child but with the burger joints swelling up its very popular now. I love my dose of it too. When we are tempted kids want their share to.

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