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Books et al

Nowadays I feel blessed to be able to find time to read more than ever before. There had been a huge backlog of books-to-read and I’m glad I’ve atleast begun my journey towards bridging the gap between wanted-to-read, reading and to-read ones. There’s just one small glitch, so many books and so less time! 🙂… Read More Books et al

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Role Reversal

All mothers are crazy, period! They exaggerate their kid’s smallest achievements, they feign indifference to people’s complaints against them, they adore their silly obsessive habits, they practice extreme caution when it comes to their health and well-being, they over-react at the smallest glitch regarding anything related to them, and…so on and so forth. I’m saying… Read More Role Reversal

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My Regular 9 Picks

My previous post was on tags and this one is an apt continuation. Some days ago Nu tagged me with this one. In fact she has tagged me quite a few times and now I’m trying desperately to finish them. I’d liked this tag since it was shorter and more interesting than other ones and… Read More My Regular 9 Picks