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Caught red-handed #BarAThon

They had closely done a recce of the area. They had marked the locations carefully and identified the camouflage points. Once there, they had to act quickly. There was no time to lose.

As darkness fell and the night creatures sang in the distance, they knew their stage was set. Once the curtains were drawn and the lights were put out they could put their evil plan into action. They had to lie low till then.

They were determined to show them what they were made of! How could they refuse them something that was rightfully theirs? They had to revolt against this tyranny. Tonight they would relish their spoils.

They waited till the time the entire household went to sleep to make their strike. Eyes alert, hearts pounding and scuttling like a mouse, they covered the space through the tricky terrain within moments.

While one of them kept a vigilant eye out for detractors, the other swifter one climbed up the surface. His meticulous movements brought him straight to his goal. As his shivering hands held the devoured treasure, he chuckled.

Had he accounted for the wayward patch of moisture on the surface, their crime would possibly have gone undetected. Destiny, as it turned out, had other plans. He slipped, squealed, and fell on the floor with a thud. Immediately, a crash followed.

His partner stood there wide-eyed, paralyzed momentarily with shock. Within moments the lights came on and everyone rushed to the place the alarming noises had originated from.

The kitchen floor was strewn with cookies and glass pieces all over. Caught red-handed, the speechless and embarrassed grandpa-grandson duo looked sheepishly at the ground while their family stared in disbelief!

This post has been written for Day 4 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘Caught red-handed’.


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  1. shanayatales says:

    LOL. This was totally unexpected. 😀

    1. LOL. Night-time cravings. ????
      Thanks for stopping by Shanaya.

  2. Ha … Ha … Ha… Quite funny !!!

    1. Haha… Thanks Vasantha. ????

  3. hahaha!!! I was caught here, did not expect the twist.

  4. hahaha this nice story makes me recall an Advt. aired several years back of Bajaj bulbs i think with the song “jab main chhota ladka tha…badii shararat karta tha….” which depicted a cute boy with equally cute grandpa 🙂

    1. Oh yes! I remember that ad too. It was so cute. That did not occur to me when I wrote this. Now we know how their faces would look like. ????

      1. Did you have grandparents living with you when you were a kid. How was that experience ?

        1. No..sadly I didn’t get to spend my childhood with my grandparents. Lost both my grandpas when I was a toddler and grandmas had severe health issues till they passed away. So that love is something I haven’t experienced a lot.
          What about you?

          1. There was a reason i asked this question..My father lost his father while in school and after sometime lost his mother too..So i didnt have the opportunity to even look at them..
            There was my Dadi’s framed photo at home and i loved to look at that photo during childhood..the eyes were beautiful and i always tried to decipher what she was trying to convey….Even as a child I found that photo very sad looking may be coz it was after taken after my Dadaji was no more and she must be feeling huge responsibility towards her children with lifepartner no more..
            If i could be asked to relive my life the only thing i would change is having them in my life…

          2. Don’t we all want that. Grandparents are the best part of childhood. My nani was the most innocent soul I know of. Loved us a lot. Dadiji went after I got married, so yes I did get time with her. Those memories are precious.

  5. My daadiji she must have been something…Sometime later after she lost my dadaji her middle son (she had three sons my father being youngest) came back to home from school. Now this son was considered a genius in the family…very bright…She gets food thali for him and he sees there is no mango there…It was summers and there were plenty of mango bearing trees in their bagh…He says amma i will be back in a jiffy after plucking couple of mangoes…Goes and climb a tree they had named singhoria (it had sweetest of mangoes)..while she waits for him at home…

    After few minutes some villager comes running and informs her son has fallen from the tree…she loses her child….

    The tree fell couple of years back only….

    1. Oh!! That’s so sad. That explains the sadness in her eyes. People from their generation were made from some different metal altogether. They took hardships lot better than we can ever do. The pain can’t be forgotten though..
      May her soul rest in peace. Thanks for sharing this here Parijat.

  6. pythoroshan says:

    hahaha… loved this ending. This prompt gives so many options for wonderful twists in the tale 🙂

    1. Haha! Ya…I went through so many blogs, it’s great to see how many different ways there are to use the same words! ????
      Thanks for being here.

  7. So unexpected and so very cute

    1. The little pranks of the naughty ones. ????
      Thanks for the comment Dee Dee.

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