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  1. ..and then she woke up swaeing, only to see him sleeping peacefully next to her, the fan whirring atop and nothing else!

    1. She held his hand and drew him close, and smiled when he contorted his irritated face in his grogginess. All was well! ☺

      1. He shook himself awake, saw the joy in her face and let himself fall asleep again, in the cosy comfort of her arms… cheers

        1. Awww…this end I love! ????????

          1. hahaha

  2. What a gruesome end ……

    1. Yes. Sometimes life does that to us, doesn’t it?

      1. Yes, sadly it does…..

  3. Ouch! That hurt !

    1. It did? ???? Blame it on that thing called ‘dark endings’. ????

      1. Yes, I did just that 😉

        1. 😀 😉

  4. heeww! Lot said in lot less!

    1. It is such a breather from long posts and a challenge too. Isn’t it? ????

      1. Ha ha.. I know its difficult to do that. You did well!

        1. Thanks Prakash for your encouraging words. ☺

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