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Book Review: Young Blood by Chandrima Das

Hi, dear readers! The New Year is here and with it, I set my reading goals for the year as well. Last year’s #TBRChallenge served as a huge motivation and I proudly ended up striking off some amazing titles from my wishlist. This year too I’ve aimed at reading new authors, regional languages as well as dabbling in different genres. Horror is fascinating me of late; hence Young Blood by Chandrima Das was my first pick in this genre.

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About the book

College life is incomplete without its share of over-the-top drama, isn’t it? Sometimes true and often imaginative, campuses and hostels are crawling with chilling stories that are meant to terrify the weak-hearted. How does one differentiate between an urban legend and a prank gone wrong though? Young Blood is a collection of ten scary tales that are backed by first-person accounts and are horrifyingly real. Does the reader have an appetite for it?

Abandoned Khairatabad Science College, Pune’s Fergusson College, IIT Kharagpur, Kasturba Medical College, Manipur, and others, the book has stories from campuses around the country. Various make-believe versions of their origin have trickled down over the years. However, what’s true is the bloody, uncomfortable history of each place and the haunting element that comes with it. Doubting the existence of supernatural powers isn’t an option.

My thoughts

I’ve had my share of spooky college stories complete with planchette (amateurs, us), banging windows (winds, duh!) and abandoned buildings (well, girl safety). I expected the same from Young Blood and could I be more wrong! Although Chandrima has used her creativity and liberty to weave fictional stories, they are backed by physical pieces of evidence and landmarks that are as clear as day.

I was impressed with how she has incorporated societal prejudices in her stories. A North-East girl facing racism in Delhi University, IITs with their unaddressed student suicides, or my favourite, the typical ‘good girl’ mold that we’re expected to fit in. The powerful line “A ruined reputation is one of the most effective ways devised by society to control women.” is going to stay with me.

Chandrima’s writing style is beautiful, engaging, and creates perfect imagery in the reader’s mind. Every physical assault on a victim manages to rattle you mentally making you silently pray for the best. That said, I needed time to process each story and couldn’t read the book in one go. Good horror does that to you, right?

If God is true then so are spirits, at least that’s what Young Blood manages to convince you. Do give it a read for some real goosebumps!

My rating: **** 4/5 stars

About the author

Chandrima Das holds a B.Tech Computer degree from NIT Durgapur and MBA from IIM Calcutta. She has a decade-long career in management consulting and is now pursuing her writing passion full-time. Her first ebook The Talking Dead made it to the bestsellers list in the horror category. She is based in Mumbai.

Book Details

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

Available in: Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle Edition

You can order your copy of this book from Amazon.

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20 thoughts on “Book Review: Young Blood by Chandrima Das

  1. Loved this book. Chandrima is a wonderful storyteller. The writing, so crisp! And this quotation: I’ve also mentioned this in my review. Even shared the quote on Twitter.

    Lovely review.

  2. In today’s reading, I am reading your review as third one for the same. the book seems like a great read for those who love horror genera. though, I did not prefer that genera much but your review has made me curios to know more about this book.

  3. Well written and crisp review. I have read this book and reviewed too. The best thing about this book is every story have some take away values which we generally don’t expect from horror genre books.

  4. I am one of the weak-hearted Varsh but there is this perfect amalgamation backed by real history of each of these places you mentioned that wants me to pick this one

  5. I am a fan of such horror genre books. Chandrima seems to have penned all the fears we usually face during our hostel days.

  6. This book looks to be an interesting read as college stories are actually quite full of drama. I am inclined to read more so because of mention of Fergusson college which was my college’s parent institution.

  7. I have been hearing a lot about this book by Chandrima. It sure seems to have caught the attention of book lovers. The review done by you seems really nice and helps in making informed decision for the readers,

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