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Anna and the umbrella #WoWe

Anna took Kevin’s hands in hers, painfully aware of the contrast between his battered with her perfectly manicured ones. He opened his eyes with extreme effort and whispered a barely audible “Mom…” before closing them forever.

Anna sat stunned and motionless, tears streaming down her reddened eyes. He was supposed to be home for his surprise birthday party and here she was bidding him farewell the very same day. He never touched alcohol but it took him away anyway. Why was life so unfair to him?

It had been a year since Anna lost her only son to drunk driving. A single parent, her life revolved exclusively around him and the void that his absence left in it was impossible to fill. She mourned him everyday.

Do our special people really turn into stars after they leave us, she wondered one day. Recovering Kevin’s ‘light umbrella’ from his neatly stacked pile of toys she went out at night and looked through it at the sky. “Is this my Kevin, or is it that one?” she mused joyfully, as the lights from the umbrella merged with the twinkling stars.

She got no answer but felt him close to her, and smiled.

Words: 200

Written for the #WoWe prompt hosted by Mayuri and Rashi

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6 thoughts on “Anna and the umbrella #WoWe

  1. The loss of a child is incomparable in the world. But then their memories can help us be stronger to go on. This is such a heart wrenching story, Varsha. Thanks for writing for #WoWe 🙂

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