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Love Respect Companionship Part 4 #Fiction

‘Love Respect Companionship’ is an unconventional love story that makes you see relationships in a different light. I had written this piece of fiction some time back and would like your feedback on it. This post is the last post in the series.

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“Wipe that smug look off your face. You can still smile in front of me, can’t you?” was all Ved said. Anya could hold no longer and broke into tears for not being the best friend Ved had thought her to be. She profusely apologised for being brash and mean to him. Ved took it all silently and when she finally breathed easy, he said in the most pleasant way, “I was hurt too. Can we put it behind us though, please? Past is past and I still need my friend, if you’re free that is.”

Excitedly, they shared their work, journey and lives with each other in complete detail. Ved was happy that Anya was married. He assured her that Akshay was going through a temporary low phase and would soon be the same romantic he was. Anya hoped Ved found a more stable and dependable relationship and settled down. From the photographs he showed, she teased him about the gorgeous hunks he had been with. Neither of them spoke about their feelings for each other.

When she got back home nothing had changed. If possible, had worsened. Akshay’s insecurity was at its peak. He started taking Anya’s work as a personal offense to him. His parents, and hers, expected her to bear with him and offered little help.

It was when one day she was talking to Ved on phone that all hell broke loose. Akshay overheard their casual banter and without waiting to give her a chance to explain herself or the call, slapped her right across her face with full force. Anya couldn’t resist the sudden impact and jerkily fell down. Her head bumped against a corner of the book rack while falling.

A red patch was forming and growing on their carpet with the steady flow of blood from her wound but Akshay was unmoved. His stark indifference to her or her pain served as the last nail in the coffin. She went to the washroom to check on her wound and was relieved that the cut wasn’t deep. Waiting was not an option after that though. She decided to offer her resignation with the college and return to her family and city and stormed out of the house informing Akshay about her decision to file for divorce.

“What are you doing out here in the dark?”

The question brought Anya back from her reverie. Time is tricking her out of reality today, she mused. She looked at him and smiled.

“Come on Anu, do you want to catch a cold? Come inside. I’m making tea, will you have some? And yes, I want to eat pizza today. I’m not falling for your healthy eating sermon on a Sunday, ok.” Said Ved and went in.

The scene had been ugly. Anya’s parents had objected her leaving her marital home and stated unequivocally their displeasure and unwillingness to let her stay with them. On her insistence, Ved too had finally confessed to his parents about his homosexuality and they were furious, to say the least.

The decision was theirs to take. They could continue living for the sake of others or give themselves a chance to live life on their own terms. Their families didn’t have to bear the brunt of their choices. They would leave them with their happiness and accept and embrace their own. They deserved to be in a new city, a new home and have a new life where they could co-exist under one roof without having to give a name to their love and companionship.

It probably wasn’t the best possible way of life for them but Anya and Ved knew if they could count on anyone in the world, it was each other. True, they could never be a conventional couple but they did love and respect each other more than anyone ever would. This was love in its purest form, wasn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed the series. Please do share your thoughts with me.

18 thoughts on “Love Respect Companionship Part 4 #Fiction

  1. That is a beautiful, and unexpected, end.
    I love how you showed how important respect and companionship is. Also, there are many facets to love, other than the coventional man-woman romantic love.
    What a pleasure it was reading this series, Varsha.

  2. The story isa sweet one. I believe love must stem from friendship, and true love goes beyond any physical need. You have captured all these sentiments very well. Looking forward to more stories from you!

  3. How much I was waiting for the final part of the story. The sweetest lesson of life are learnt the hard way, proved again. Beautiful story. Loved it

  4. Wow, I never expected that end of this beautiful story. How much purity in a relationship it reflected, much beyond the society. It was a story based on pure love and respect.

  5. This is such a beautiful ending, loved the entire series. It was totally a pleasure reading this awesome series. This is one of the sweetest stories which I have read recently . Keep up the good work.

  6. I love reading your post here. The love, relationship, companionship is important in life. Each relation has a bond of love and that is different from other. Its very beautifully expressed.

  7. This is such an alluring story, companionship is so important in relationships and mutual respect too. I loved reading this series of yours.

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