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Kick that FOMO!

I can substantiate with some authority that after being married for 15 years predicting your spouses’ moves, moods even words is a cakewalk. A has a Sales profile and has been working from home for the last 15 months with just a couple of flying visits to work. During this time I’ve seen him negotiate with clients, answer his bosses, argue with operation guys, and also rant with his colleagues. His work-life has been tricky, to say the least. He had been exasperated and deliberating putting his papers for a while now and had already received a better offer from another company. It hence came as no surprise when last night he requested me to draft a resignation letter (Yeah, unpaid work!). New job, better profile, and good opportunities waiting for him, still I couldn’t help feeling FOMO (fear of missing out). The last time I wrote one for myself was 13 years ago and I haven’t held any proper job after that. Will I, ever again? 🙁

kick that fomo!_avibrantpalette

I’m not going to glamourise my choice of taking a break from work for my kids. It was a conscious decision and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m completely untouched by the regret of trading the respect and independence of a corporate position for a hassled homemaker’s taken-for-granted life. Judge me if you may, but it’s true. I’m writing and blogging consistently, yes, but sometimes I sorely miss that morning rush to work. Gone are the lovely dresses, salwar suits, and fancy haircuts, now most days my hair is rolled up in a bun and I’m in shorts and a T. FOMO, maybe, yet in the long run, mine seems a better way to live. Hell, everyone’s been like this for the past year! 😀

I’ve felt FOMO for the most minuscule things at times. Missing a couple of marathons after Covishield vaccination and not making elaborate travel plans being the two most recent ones. Both aren’t advisable for the sake of health and safety still I ruefully burnt my blood for them. I confess, losing the taste for my favourite food due to prolonged dieting is a disappointment too. Funnily, although I’ve always welcomed aging, a couple of inconspicuous grey hair gave me a fright the other day! No, I’m not covering them up, they’re well-earned. 🙂

FOMO is a strange concept. Anything that begins with fear tends to have a negative connotation, doesn’t it? How can we be sure that the things we’re missing out on will undeniably make us happy? Doesn’t our present deserve attention? Every moment in life gets weaved into its fabric and adds to its uniqueness. Any lapse and we’ll end up with unsightly knots or holes that will ruin its beauty. So, like Deepika Padukone tells Ranbir Kapoor in Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani, “Jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch to chhootega hi. Isliye yahin, isi pal ka maza lete hain.” Right?

Do you have FOMO for something too? How do you handle it? Please share with me.

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16 thoughts on “Kick that FOMO!

  1. I think everyone has FOMO to some degree. We fear missing out on that fun party, being left out of that vacation with friends etc, How do I deal with it? I learned to shrug it off – convince myself my life is more worthwhile 🙂

  2. You’re right Varsha. We all have fomo deeply rooted in the heart. But I feel more liberated when I stop thinking about the world and it’s judgement. I am more into spending time with my own self so I have less fear of missing out. Loved how you embraced aging and welcomed your grey hair. Inspiring indeed! 💗💗

  3. Ofcourse Varsha.. If I say no I would be lying. Sometimes you take decision according to you prioritise in life but when their is a shift in those Opppriorities you feel FOMO. For me as well.. Going out for work, meeting friends, partying and many more but I think many of these things are due to covid, hoping for a better tomorrow.

  4. I haven’t faced FOMO but from what I have observed in people is when FOMO enters to life, its hard to handle it. I feel, when we give too much of importance to the outside world, it gets hard for us to find happiness that we already have. So first thing is not to compare ourselves with others. And keeping ourselves engaged in something productive. Next is surrounding ourselves with positive people

  5. I go through the same emotions many times in my routine life and handle it the same way as you mentioned it. whenever, I feel missing my professional life as a healthcare expert, I recall the quality time, I have spent with my girls. and this thing wash off my negative emotions. ending of post was so amazing. sahi kaha hai deepika ne movie mai, “Kuch na kuch to chutega hi…”

  6. I would say that whoever thinks or proclaims that they don’t have FOMO is lying to themselves. We all feel we are missing out at some point in our lives. At such a time it is best to step back and analyse what can be done, and what should not be done. I think SAHM’s deserve a special round of applause as they handle so many roles, like you do.

  7. We all, to an extent, suffer from FOMO. Some people show it and others keep it to themselves. Yet, I do not feel ashamed about it. We cannot achieve everything and that’s what I have accepted. so I try to achieve what makes me happy.

  8. very well said. I do have FOMO as well, I am still trying workable solutions to deal with it . Usually I try focus on priority mostly so that everything important is covered well

  9. FOMO can really be irritating and also become obsessive. It is best killed at the source. Staying in the present and taking life one step at a time and enjoying every moment, is the best way to tackle FOMO.

  10. Wow that was a needed post. Someone to share with us that I guess its okay to have FOMO. In fact I do have some or may be many FOMO. And the biggest one is not being able to be with my family back home when they need us the most. I so wish to overcome other fears that I have.

  11. This is so true ” kitna bhi koshish kar lo kuch Nah kuch chutega hi ” I sometimes face this situation in my life when I have to deal with many things but then I take a short break and give time to myself… Very nice article

  12. I think we all experience fomo some time or the other. I remember passing by my old office n seeing all girls clad in formals n missed it so badly. But nevertheless I’m happy where I am right now.

  13. A beautiful way of telling the reality of life, FOMO is a new lingo coined to please social media huggers! This feeling of missing out had been there for many generations, isn’t it! Our moms, elders, aunties, and many more…but what different we have from them – strong power of judgement & ability to make our own decisions.

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