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Women Empowerment begins with you!

How often do you prioritise your own happiness over everyone else’s? Does every decision in your life involve taking a hundred permissions before you arrive at it? Have you gone ahead and planned something exclusively for yourself without taking refuge in excuses? These might seem small things to you but in reality, your attitude towards yourself and your independence reflects through them. Women empowerment might sound like a heavy word but it begins with taking charge of your life. It’s that simple.

We celebrated Women’s Day two days ago and like every year there was a storm of greetings everywhere, especially from men. Yes, we don’t need a special day to celebrate ourselves and no, we don’t mind the attention. Humbly accepting their wishes doesn’t take away anything from us, does it? However, what matters is whether we take women empowerment seriously in our day-to-day lives.

Today, with this post I’m trying to discuss this from the perspective of homemakers. I’ve been a career woman and am a homemaker/SAHM for almost 14 years now. Although both roles seem entirely different, I find the task of a homemaker more challenging and exhausting, still. Good company, healthy discussions, a carefree attitude, and most importantly, self-love is a concept that many from my ilk consider elitism. Why do we voluntarily want to restrict ourselves to the kitty party life?

Women the world over are struggling to break the glass ceiling for the rest of us as well. Let’s begin by bursting the bubbles we’ve created around us, shall we? It’s everyday women like us who can make women empowerment a success in its real sense. How can we do it?

Go Solo – You don’t have to rely on someone to take you somewhere. Learning to ride or drive gives you an amazing feeling of freedom. If not, take a cab instead. But please, don’t think twice before hitting the road for some me-time. Window shopping, a visit to the spa, or a movie, the options are immense.

Financial independence – Homemakers are known to have a stash of notes hidden anywhere from the rice ka dabba to the bottom of a pile of clothes. This won’t get you any returns though, yes? Learn to save and invest your money by opening bank and demat accounts. Keep them hidden if you like. It’s absolutely fine.

Delegate – Please don’t live under the misconception that your family can’t survive without you. Instead, teach them how to. Involve everyone in simple household chores regularly in home and also the kitchen. This will be a great way to instil basic life skills in them as well. Doesn’t hurt to know them!

Re-ignite old passions – Remember the time you danced without a care in the world or painted away to glory? It’s not hard to reserve some time from your day to relive those happy memories and create new ones. Go back to an old hobby or explore more options. This will help you find solace and give you a creative outlet as well.

Love yourself, openly! – People are often scared of women who don’t care about their judgement. Isn’t that the best (and the only) way to live and express? Don’t stop yourself from admitting that you appreciate things you do for yourself and for others. Positive affirmations like these will reinstate your faith in yourself.

Every woman is special, what matters is whether she believes it or not. Women empowerment is a revolution and we can be part of it by doing what we were always meant to do. Realising our worth, strength, and cherishing being the fairer sex is good, to begin with. What do you think?

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38 thoughts on “Women Empowerment begins with you!

  1. Hi Varsh. Loved the article. I have been a strong supporter of financial independence for women and I always tell women to have their own bank accounts, savings and investment. Although I learnt to drive, I find myself lost on Delhi roads but I don’t shy from going out and comfortably manoeuvre in a cab. I also travel out of town all by myself leaving the children in my husband’s care. I love music and yog and leave no stone unturned to practice these or join classes. In short, ticking all of the above. What I wish to add is that as a woman it makes me love my life, I’m not bound by obligations and it also helps me enjoy my relationship with others without taking them as a liability.

  2. Loved your post! It gave an encouraging vibe. I often opt for me time and that me time gives me the boost to keep going. I go window shopping and I love binge watching shows. I often so this on Sundays even though most of the Sunday’s are packed I remove some time for myself.

  3. Absolutely. What is the point of celebrating women for a day when they struggle with patriarchy the other 364. Loved your tips. Particularly about financial independence.

  4. At a young age I learned I needed to put myself first sometimes as I was always worried about others and doing things for them. One of my fave ways to spoil myself is to go get a coffee alone, and then come home take a shower, read and snuggle in bed

  5. You know Varsha these kinds of post are such good reminders. Yes there was a time when I was hardly concerned about my liking or what I love but today I love myself and who I am. I feel liberated.

  6. You have shared some really useful tips. It is high time women gave priority to financial independence. Women should be able to manage their own money.

  7. It is very well written, Varsha. We women of the old era haven’t learnt self love but now we do seek it. It becomes difficult once people around you take it for granted that you will make time for them all the time. How do you go for a movie alone? I went once and didnt enjoy the feeling at all.

  8. Well said! In fact I really love what you wrote about re-igniting passions. Many women dont do things they used to love because they don’t get time. But I think one can always make time if we put our mind to it. We just dont give it enough importance. I had a hectic job till 2013….I gave up all that just to get me time because I felt myself drowning. I have been able to build a business now with my passion for writing. And more importantly, I have time now to pursue my passion for art & craft. I dont care if I am good or not….just do it for my own happiness!

  9. We have to understand the importance of self care and self love. This post is a very much needed reminder for us.

  10. Yes I also feel the same. being a homemaker is more exhausting sometimes and as a caring mom of wife we often think that our family can not servive without us. but you have said rightly, self love is really important. it give us the fuel to serve others.

  11. You are so right, women empowerment starts with us women. We need to empower ourselves and not wait for it to happen. One needs to be independent not only financially but also in other aspects too.

  12. That’s so very true Varsha. We need to understand our value and then only others will value us. We don’t have to convince anyone. It doesn’t come from outside. It’s there within us.

  13. This is a simple post that packs a powerful punch. This uplifting post reminds us of things we often forget, that everything begins within. Loved every pointer.

  14. I agree on each word and every line of your post. We usually overburden ourselves without realizing that in long run this will make us succumb to circumstances. Its important we value ourselves the most first and then take care of others. I loved the ideas given by you to make life simpler and happier.

  15. It’s a very lovely post. I always follow each and every point you’ve mentioned here. We always should prioritise ourselves over everything. If we don’t respect or value ourselves, how can we expect others will do?

  16. The day we start accepting ourselves wholeheartedly we have already taken the first step towards women empowerment. This is such an important article and topic to discuss. Thanks for these pointers.

  17. Wow! Such an amazing and helpful post this is. I really really love it. It’s so good and so awesome. I am just amazed. I hope that you continue to do your work like this in the future also

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