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3 ingredient Atta Halwa Recipe #Holi #Food

Food and culture go hand-in-hand in India, more so when it comes to celebrating festivals. Every region has its own set of customs and traditions which are typically associated with specific festival foods. No matter where we live, observing these rituals makes us feel connected and closer to home. I’m a Marwari born and brought up in Maharashtra and for me ghevar is as dear as ukdiche modak! While Marwaris are famous for their rich heritage which essentially has food at its centre point, homemade Atta Halwa is integral to every important festival.

This simple yet extremely tasty sweet dish is made on Chauth, Diwali, Holi, Gangor, and other festivals and well, every time the craving hits. I remember being a glutton and gorging on it every day when I was expecting. No wonder I turned into a balloon by the end of it. So you see, the love for it runs in the family!

Let me quickly jot down this recipe for you now. Please do try to maintain the right measurements for that perfect taste and texture. These three ingredients are easily available at home and you can make this dish right away.

Atta Halwa Recipe

Atta Halwa Recipe_avibrantpalette


Wheat flour/Atta – 1 cup

Ghee – ¾ cup

Sugar – ½ cup

Hot water to cook

For garnish:

Chopped dry fruits of your choice


1. Heat a pan and add the wheat flour and ghee to it. Keep the flame to a minimum and let the ghee melt completely.

2. Mix them both together. The flour must be completely coated with ghee and the mixture should have a thick consistency.

Atta Halwa Recipe1_avibrantpalette

3. Roast the mixture on medium flame while stirring it continuously. Leaving it unattended might burn it and spoil its taste.

4. You’ll know that your atta halwa is close to being ready when this mixture will release a lovely aroma and become light and fluffy. Reduce the flame and roast for a minute more.

5. Now add hot water to it. Please be careful since it will start bubbling immediately and might splash on your hand.

6. Keep mixing and let the water evaporate completely. The atta halwa will leave the sides of the pan, an indication that it is roasted and cooked perfectly.

7. Last but not least, sugar! Fold the sugar into the mixture and let it melt while mixing it occasionally.

8. Your Atta Halwa is ready! Garnish it liberally with chopped dry fruits and serve.

Faith and dedication are the two most important things whenever we offer something to God. Maybe that’s why any prasad always tastes like his blessing. In that sense, Atta Halwa is a divine indulgence for me. No diet can keep me from treating myself to this sumptuous temptation. After all, festival foods are special for a reason, right?

Have you enjoyed Atta Halwa too? Which festival food is your favourite? Do tell me!

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21 thoughts on “3 ingredient Atta Halwa Recipe #Holi #Food

  1. I love atta halwa. Though I only have it occasionally now because of sugar and ghee. It needs a good quantity of ghee. But I ate lots of it after the birth of my son. That’s sixteen years ago😀

  2. I have neither cooked nor eaten atta halwa🙈… somehow it never tempted me… but the way uv described it in your blog and your emotional attachment to it has made me want to try it. Thank you for sharing this recipe

  3. I love Aata halwa but have not tried to prepare it yet, I eat only when I go to my mom’s place. But, after reading this recipe I want to try it now, I will surely share the feedback of how it came out.

  4. The atta halwa brings back beautiful memories. It was a given at any festival, particularly Rakhi. Lovely how simple yet hearty it is. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  5. I make this halwa a lot. My mum used to live this halwa so used to make this for her very often. Your picture looks so tempting. I now feel like making it and having it right away.

  6. Holi is a festival of fun, colours , masti and sweets. Quick recipe need to be made to offer offering to God. Aata halwa is one such healthy, tasty and yummy. I have it with papad to get sweet and spicy taste

  7. Though i have heard of my north indian friends talk of this, I have never made the halwa. thanks to your recipe which makes it look so easy and simple, will try it for a prasad sometime soon.

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