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5 Yoga Stretches for Women #FitnessWithVarsh

While we’re swept away with the stormy adrenaline rush that comes with intense physical activity, Yoga offers the calm after it. As a Yoga lover, I feel extremely proud to see it being revered and practiced around the world. People often mistake it to be slow but the truth couldn’t be farther away. It is intense, works on specific parts of our body and has innumerable health benefits.

Women often ignore their health and workout time while attending to other responsibilities. Yoga comes in handy for them since it just needs a mat, can be easily done at home and is good for all age groups. Most of all, weight issues, reproductive disorders and pre and post natal health can be taken care of with the right asanas.


Sharing some tried-and-tested asanas today which have helped me on my way to getting fitter and healthier. I’m sure they’ll work wonders for you too.



Sarvangasan, as the name suggests, works on your entire body. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the thyroid gland. It works on the ears, nose and throat leading to better hearing, olfactory senses and eyesight. Call it your personal spa since it refreshes your skin and reduces signs of wrinkles and ageing. It helps reduce and maintain body weight while curing kidney and urinary disorders. It is a good option for women facing problems in conceiving.

Tip: Build up your stamina slowly and try staying in this position for longer over time.



Halasan tests your flexibility and isn’t easy for everyone to perform in the first attempt. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and makes the spinal cord flexible and strong. Diabetic people should perform this regularly since it helps in controlling blood glucose levels. It stimulates reproductive organs and cures menopause symptoms. It helps in weight loss too. Personally, I love this asana as it helped me reduce a lot of abdominal flab.

Tip: Don’t rush into it. Keep your movements slow.



Ushtrasan is a wonderful stretch for your quadriceps, chest, abdomen and hips. It improves your blood circulation leading to improved respiratory and nervous systems. It strengthens your shoulder and back muscles and tones the body beautifully. Staying in this position for 30 seconds or more will improve your balance and posture to a great extent. It reduces fatigue and is a great post-workout stretch.

Tip: This asana helps in getting rid of back pain. Try looking up at the ceiling while you’re at it.



Paschimottanasana stretches the hamstrings, spine and shoulders. It is calming, improves digestion and stimulates the kidney, liver, ovaries and uterus. Women can perform this during menstruation to relieve cramps or discomfort. It helps in relieving stress and calms you down. I do this asana on Abs days, with around 40-50 repetitions. Two weeks of this and you can say ‘Hello, flat abs!’

Tip: Try to go as low as you can without feeling headache or pain.



Malasan, also called as garland pose, is a good stretch for your hips, groin, thighs and torso. It increases blood flow to the pelvis which can help in controlling sexual energy. It tones the abdominal muscles and improves your colon health. You can achieve better concentration and focus by performing it regularly. It is especially helpful for pregnant women since later it aids in childbirth.

Tip: Join your hands and breathe normally. Go easy on yourself and feel the difference.

This is my fourth post in the #FitnessWithVarsh series. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me!

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23 thoughts on “5 Yoga Stretches for Women #FitnessWithVarsh

  1. A very nice and useful article in the present scenario. Now the entire world knows the importance, enormity and goodness of yoga.

  2. I do all the asanas on regular basis. Yet to master Ushtrasan. Yoga helps a lot in maintaining flexibility. After a certain age, I think along with weight loss, flexibility is also very important. Appreciate your efforts in writing a detailed post on each asanas.

  3. Such an amazing post and you had shared really great yoga poses for women. I know some of them already buy some are new to me. please make a video too, will help all of us to learn it better.

  4. Oh nice. I can do all of the above except Halasan. I have to try that. I’m not a yoga person but these stretches are also done as warm up exercises during our belly dance classes.

  5. Great job Varsha. I practise a few not all. Trying to enhance my capacity gradually. Being fit is the need of time. Your efforts are commendable. I follow the updates regularly.

  6. I was earlier going for long walks but staying confined has really reduced the mobility of joints , this post is a timely reminder to switch to yoga to improve flexibility and overall health.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information about yoga. According to me yoga is the safest and most beneficial form of exercise to follow. You require no equipments which makes it a sustainable workout to follow during any phase of life.

  8. There are so many advantages to practicing these asan, such as improved mental clarity, better posture and a higher level of self-esteem. Thanks for sharing a detailed post on each asan.

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