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Excuse yourself from excuses #CauseAChatter

“Oh, I wish it was possible now!” said the lady to me exasperatedly. She showered me with praise for my transformation but unequivocally backed out of even making an attempt. Mind you, with her weight and health issues she needed it lot more than I did. Humans are a curious species. Even before we determine to achieve something a tiny part of us starts framing excuses to shoot down any possibility.

Does the effort we need to invest cow us down? Are we frightened to accept failure, if any? Have we messed up our priorities to the extent that a harmful deviation too seems normal? Why do we take something as vital as good health for granted? Isn’t our well-being almost entirely our own call and responsibility?

Excuses are lies we tell ourselves so that it doesn’t have to be our fault. All of us have some time been guilty of hiding behind them to escape being answerable or accountable. When it comes to health though, it is borderline self-abuse. Read on to know the most common excuses people can come up with to normalise ‘not being healthy’. *rolling eyes*

I don’t have time

Time is a luxury for many of us today. We want to pick the easiest and quickest way out. Fast foods have replaced elaborate homemade healthy meals. Pouring out a cold drink stocked in the refrigerator is lot easier than making juices, buttermilk and other drinks. Needless to say, these choices are damaging for health and may infuse lethargy. Remember that when time turns back at you, it may not be quick or gentle. Manage your time effectively and try to add any kind of physical activity to your daily routine. Eat healthy and fresh.

Domestic chores need effort!

A maid-free life is no less than a punishment, isn’t it? Of late many of us have been forced to perform domestic chores like wiping floors, rinsing utensils and the like. While these activities are physically taxing (see your maid’s slim waist?), don’t turn your backs on your workout. Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel happy and positive. Can doing your maid’s work make you feel the same?

Do I really need to?

It is a famous myth that slim people are inevitably healthy. Contrarily, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart problems or hormonal issues aren’t always weight dependant. The right figure on your weighing scale isn’t proof of a healthy body. Eating right and physical mobility aid in digestion, keep your joints lubricated and your heart healthy. Transformation isn’t always the reason. Do it because it’s good for you.

I’m out of practice

People who played sports in school or college don’t always continue them once they become professionals. With age come responsibilities, excuses and lack of time or intent. This may lead to lower fitness levels which predictably mean disinterest. It’s a vicious circle. Is ‘out of practice’ a good enough excuse to not get going again? Don’t aim for perfection, just go ahead and have fun. Everything else will follow!

I’m a diehard foodie!

That’s me and I’m certain most of us as well. Good food and good health aren’t bestest of friends. However, speaking from experience, with few tweaks a recipe can retain its flavours yet lose the calorie overload. Eating in breaks to keep the metabolism high and snacking smartly on nuts, khakras, fruits or homemade chivdas don’t need the foodie in you to suffer. Starving is never an option. Cheat in moderation though.

Health and Wellness Series_avibrantpalette #CauseAChatter

This was my fourth post in the Health and Wellness series with #CauseAChatter. Hope you’re enjoying reading my posts as much as I’m having fun writing them. Do share your thoughts with me.

24 thoughts on “Excuse yourself from excuses #CauseAChatter

  1. Nice tips and pragmatic advice to be healthy and maintain a perfect body without starving yourself. It is a myth that slim folks are healthy. We all should follow good regime which includes good food and exercise.

  2. Excuses are surely easier to make than making changes are. I have been guilty of making some myself too, till I realised that health is the only true wealth we have. A inspiring and motivating post, Varsha.

  3. I completely agree with you, it is really easy way to find some excuses to not do exercise or follow a regular routine. Of course, it requires a constant motivation and firm determination but when we make it a part of our daily life, it give us fabulous end results.

  4. Totally agree. The excuses you mentioned are so common to hear. Humans are curious to know the so called magic or mantra behind the transformation but while putting it into practice, they lack self motivation and discipline. My mantra is start with small steps and be consistent in that first then move on to the rough ones. Consistency is everything in any kind of positive change we want to see on ourselves.

  5. Honestly I was not fitness conscious until I was bed ridden for months. That made me realize the worth of my body and work on it. I won’t wish anyone to go through that just to understand need of fitter self. Echo of your words.

  6. Hahaha yeah I used to make excuses until one day I woke up and did what I wanted to. Took charge of my life and lost that extra flab and started writing, belly dancing and more.

  7. I needed to read this today. Often, we start exercising with so much enthusiasm and then within a few weeks that craze dies down. We need to learn to be consistent and in the current ongoing situation house chores is one thing which is helping us being consistent.

  8. You have rightly mentioned we give lame excuses just to pass on our responsibility nothing else. We forget that we own our body and it equally needs care to function properly. I usually don’t replace outside food with homemeals but yes a procrastinator when it comes to do exercise.

  9. I can totally relate to this post. I have been making excuses of not working out for the longest time. I am surely starting to realise that it’s now or never with this attitude.

  10. Agree as responsibility increases we overlooked our health. Like you said by doing some change we can keep check on our health. Though I don’t get time for short meals but like to try recipe with healthy twist do share.

  11. Loved the post Varsha.The best things we can gift yourself is a healthy body and this is why we need to stop excuses forever.This was a very motivating post

  12. This feels like my story. I have used almost all of these excuses. So so guilty. But now realized need to push myself and make myself and health a priority. Thanks for sharing this motivating post.

  13. If somebody asked me to tick mark which all of these pointers applied to me I would end up tick-marking all. Yes I have to stop making excuse and start working out.. I need to create time for myself for sure.

  14. You are right, Varsha, sometimes we do make all kind of excuses to avoid going back to a workout routine, I do that all the time. But, yes, it’s all about setting our priorities right. Thanks for writing this.

  15. Trust me I thought you have written this post for me …I give so many excuses to stop working out but now realise that it will sure not work!!I have to start now …Thanks for this series!!

  16. I just dont know how to excuse these excuses specially when there are tons of things on head with no house help, child being at home (the bigger child also at home)!! The few times I get free I just want to lie down!

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