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Claiming myself back: The Invincible Plan #MyFriendAlexa

Have you woken up one morning feeling triumphant about something that you haven’t even embarked upon yet? If wishes were horses mine had raced and won every derby in the world the day after I decided to ‘claim myself back’. All charged up with inspiring success stories and my newly acquired motivation kick I set out to devise a plan. There were many blogs, videos, articles and what say you to help me out. How difficult it could be?

As it turned out, extremely! Once a conscientious student, I’m now sadly a lousy follower of instructions. While I commended the sentiment and effort behind everything I read and saw, I didn’t feel any pull inside me to get myself moving. Exercising is important, health is wealth, don’t be a glutton (ok, not this one!) etc weren’t alien concepts to me. Also, from experience, consulting a dietician or joining a gym seemed like mere patchworks in the bigger scheme of things.

My baffled mind decided to have a top-level conference with my heart and tummy to devise a battle plan and ordered me to go for a long walk. After much deliberation my heart agreed not to fall prey to temptation. Surprisingly, the tummy welcomed the prospect of digesting non-greasy food for a while. My tongue tried interrupting them but was left high and dry by their ganging up. The appetising aroma emanating from a mithai shop on the way was, well, ignored. *a teardrop rolls down my cheek* 🙁

I came back home slightly embarrassed by my huffing and puffing. My leg and other muscles were warned with dire consequences if they didn’t keep up henceforth. Sigh! After washing my face in the basin I gave myself a long hard look in the mirror. Would I look beautiful if and when I lose weight? Am I not beautiful now? Sure, the jaw line would look good without the chubby cheeks, clothes would fit better and I would get wonderful compliments. Was that why I was doing this?

Can you see the difference?

A big no! My kids are growing up and I want to play sports, go on fun outings and relive my youth with them. I wouldn’t be able to do any of that if I felt lethargic all the time, right? Not just that, a healthy lifestyle would ensure me stepping into my 40s without spoilt knees and memories that didn’t revolve around hospitals. Looking at women around me this seemed like a perfect dream!

Working out a plan isn’t my thing and I realised this with the last-minute viva preparations and writing complete semester files overnight back in college. Try to eat healthy but have few cheat days and workout well but don’t kill yourself for it were my only two rules. I still like my daal chawal with a spoonful of ghee and don’t hold back from homemade treats like dry fruit laddus or alu parathas. We eat out a lot too. Fortunately, it all worked out well for me. 🙂

A boost in self-confidence and feeling more beautiful than ever is a price I’m willing to pay for it. That’s a fair deal, yes? 😉  😉

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  1. I like your spirit Varsha. Kudos to you, and you are right when u say you want to remain fit coz thats what u want for urself- no comparison. motivating n realistic post.

    1. Thanks Milan.

  2. You’re write. We should remain healthy and fit for our own selves. I have now reached a stage when my children have gotte up and I have time and opportunity to do things that I could not do earlier. Keeping fit is all the more important in order to enjoy life

    1. Keeping fit isn’t an option. I hope you use your free time effectively and invest it in pursuing hobbies, taking up some physical activity and getting some much-needed me-time. Thanks for stopping by, Vandana.

  3. Lovely Varsha…that’s the way to go and believe me a new you will emerge. All the best on ur journey to a sparkling new you.

    1. Thank you so much!

  4. A wonderful goal of your project ‘Transformation’,Varsh….Eat healthy and stay healthy 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, Meens! 🙂

  5. This series is getting more and more interesting. You are proof of where there is a will, there is a way, Varsha. A remarkable difference in both your pics. Can’t wait to read Part 3!

  6. you indeed did a good job in claiming yourself back

  7. Wonderful read.
    #sindhureads #myfriendalexa

  8. we are all in the weight loss dilema! This is a good goal. All the best.

  9. Those two rules you stated are the only two rules anybody trying to lose weight needs to remember. Eating in moderation, working out to stay healthy and not ‘become thin’ should be the agenda.
    And, Varsha…you ARE pretty! 🙂

  10. Motivating! I need to kick myself and get started on an exercising regime.

  11. Your motivation for fitness… that is inspiring… much more than beauty and clothes can ever do 🙂

  12. You look amazing! Look at you and the changes you feel will tell you more. Compliments are an added benefit, of course!! All the best,Varsha.

  13. Anisha says:

    Staying fit and healthy is not just about looks.. fun read this was

  14. I like your spirit, especially the part about having few cheat days as well. You are claiming yourself back in total badass way. 🙂

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. Got inspired to exercise again but I know the interest will fade tomorrow with a new day st office. You claimed yourself beautifully

  16. Eating healthy food and staying fit are very important. It’s a great goal. All the best.

  17. Wonderful read! Be healthy Be happy!

  18. Very inspiring! Keep up that spark alive.. I will reread this post whenever I want to kick start myself!

  19. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    lovely post dear, and I know so many facts about your journey already. truly inspiring. #surbhireads #Myfriendalexa

  20. Thank you for this. I struggle with the whole food vs exercise dilemma all the time. Maybe this can be the boost I’m looking for!

  21. Nicely written post Varsha. Interesting use of speeches from different body parts. Being healthy along with Being alive should be the motto.
    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

    Do visit and share your experience.

  22. Well well, I see a little boasting here huh! Jokes apart, V what you have done is commendable and I appreciate your dedication. Keep it going buddy,

  23. Hi Varsh,

    Great post! God has blessed us with so many things, good health being one of them. We should appreciate God’s gift to us. We should look after our body and make sure it is healthy. Healthy body makes healthy mind.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely post. Have a great day. 🙂

  24. Hey Varsha, I think just like you. We want to be healthy and active for ourselves first and not for husband or the world. Eating everything in moderation does give good results.

  25. Love your spirit, have a healthy mind, have a healthy body

  26. Lucky that tongue lost the battle 😉
    I am one of those who decide but dont follow through the exercise regime. Got some motivation to start again. 🙂

  27. More power to you and best of luck for MFA 🙂

  28. Anagha Yatin says:

    Agree you Varsh when you say that we should have our own way to reclaim ourselves, rather than seeking help from the dietitians and gym experts. Finally what can work for you is best known to us.
    Loved your narration about the tummy and the heart ganging up and the tongue failing to break their bond! Very interesting story telling Varsh.

    1. Haha, my tummy and tongue fight a lot. No kidding. My mind finds it amusing and hence this tale. 😉
      Thanks, Anagha. You’re the original story-teller!

  29. Hey Varsha , Whatever you wish and whatever you do to fulfil that wish is always Good Karma and you will earn best fruits for it. Your confidence is commendable. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

    1. That’s such a big compliment, Sujata. Thank you! 🙂

  30. your motivation for fitness is really sounds good. A healthy mind always give you a healthy lifestyle..

  31. love this post and ur spirit my dear….

  32. A very motivating post. This is really me most of the times when it comes to stay fit. Loved the write up

  33. Loved your spirit, thoroughly inspirational. I am always the one who loose interest somewhere after I start..will read your post when I feel low

  34. Such a positive account of your mindset and how you’ve created your own definitions of important things in life Varsh😊

    1. Thanks, Richa. 🙂

  35. WOW!! Varsha lovely story. Tell me more about your workout plan. Lets meet up for better conversation. 🙂 🙂

    1. We have to meet up, Tina. All the tips you need, I’m happy to share. Thank you!

  36. Great post of self realisation and self improvement. All the best with your health goals. May compete with your kids in their growing age as far as health is concerned.

    1. Thanks, Paresh! Know what, I’m happy that I’m winning with my kids as of now and setting health goals for them. Hope this serves as a nudge.

  37. what a power packed come back this was with loving yourself. We need to realize why we are doing so and so thing. The goal should be self connecting, not influenced by any third person. When we can connect our aims to our will and wish, things seem easy to achieve. Feeling mor positive after reading your post. #MyFriendAlexa #vibhuandme

    1. That’s a lovely thought, Shipra. Things are achievable only when our wish and will don’t waver at the slightest chance of disppointment. I’ glad you liked the post.
      Thanks for reading.

  38. This is actually so inspiring and giving me goal to rethink and rejuvenate myself

  39. Self realisation and motive are two things that can make any mountain move. And you have both, so your claiming the mountain shall surely be successful.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  40. I am firm believer of the fact that inner well being manifests as outer beauty. And any effort to rejuvenate yourself should come from self-motivation. External validation rarely helps in a long term.

  41. Oh my god!! You are so me,i want to loose weight and try out each day. Stop oily food and sweets. But sometimes carving make me cry for it

  42. This is the post for me… I am just 21 and I feel that I am so lethargic all the time.. I will try to stay active and eat healthy from now on!

  43. Though it would have taken lots of sacrifices, your determination and awakening inspired me a lot. I’m glad that you did it for yourself.

  44. I too think sometime that i need to go to my young days back. N get the strength again so that i can walk upto mountains but need some motivation

  45. The post is very motivating at least for me who is always wants to loose few kilos and stay fit. Loved it.

  46. Very inspiring indeed and you are full of spirit. Go ahead and hold hand of yourself is what one need in today’s era. Health is always on priority of my list too.

  47. Loved reading each and every point mentioned, it was damn interesting and motivational at the same time.

  48. right said dear.. Loved ur confidence. And from photo to article i can see very nice change in u. I am following u since 8 months.

  49. A healthy lifestyle is very important to keep a functional body even when the children grow up. Losing the body and health and getting dependent on others was never a good idea. What an inspiring post dear!

  50. Nisha Malik says:

    Weight loss seems like a major worry in our lives. I find it ironic. Our mothers raised us making us eat well and healthy. Even we want our kids to be healthy but somehow fail to manage our own weight.

  51. That’s an inspirational article. Will try your advice and work out to enter my 40s in a better way

    1. That’s great, Nidhi. Thanks for reading.

  52. I think the moment we start doing something out of our own belief rather than others judgements the end results are much more effective and consistent. Congratulations on your fitness jouney.

    1. Thank you, Neha.

  53. Staying fit and healthy for kids and family is something we all think of. It keeps ys motivated. Keep going Varsha.

    1. Indeed, Deepa. Our fitness is closely related to our family’s well-being too.

  54. This is great, Varsha. You are doing am amazing job at being the best version of yourself!

  55. jhilmildsaha says:

    Hey Varsha got so inspired by your fitness goal. Would myself want to do that too.

  56. I am so inspired with your determination, Varsh. More power to you

    1. Thank you!

  57. Good Job done here ! Very motivating

    1. Thank you.

  58. On a similar journey. Fitness is very important.

    1. Good to know, Preethi. Thanks for stopping by.

  59. Hey Kindred Soul!!! Where have you been for so long. :)))
    As I read your post, every line, each word struck a chord. I was saying to myself “This is me. That is how I think. That’s how my organs are at war with each other”.
    And will you believe that right now I am also in the phase of claiming myself back. I don’t know how much I will succeed but as you rightly said- Let’s do this for our self once.
    Loved your post!!!
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  60. Loved reading this. Stay fit and healthy.

  61. If wishes were horses mine had raced and won every derby in the world the day after I decided to ‘claim myself back’.

    Happens with me all the time!

  62. You look beautiful .Eat healthy and be happy .

    1. Thanks, Monika. 🙂

  63. Weight loss journals are always incredible. They show your dedication and labor. stay fit and healthy.

    1. Thanks, Pragnya. 🙂

  64. mylittleduniya says:

    Kudos to you. You are an inspiration… Good work Varsha

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