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The first ever Triathlon in Mumbai!

For the past few years Mumbai has become synonymous with fitness. Whether it is participating in thousands in various marathons, being an active part of cycling, running or any such sports activity groups or subscribing to the best available gyms in the city, Mumbaiites have shown remarkable inclination and zeal towards achieving and maintaining good health.

Keeping this in mind and aiming at testing the focus and determination of these fitness enthusiasts further, ClassHopr Wellness Private Limited and Hindustan Times organised the first ever Triathlon event in the city at Nirmal Sports City, Thane.

The triathlon consisted of a mix of three different events – swimming, cycling and long-distance running. The participants could choose from any one of the three categories – Sprint Pro, Dream Sprint and Relay sprint. This was undoubtedly a test of the limits they could push themselves to while maintaining their mental focus and physical stamina.

Participants from all age-groups took part in the event. As they crossed the finishing line their exhausted bodies quickly made way for a broad well-deserved smile. After the customary photographs they could directly join in the rhythmic yoga session to stretch their aching muscles and relax.

Along with the triathlon loads of other activities like hula hoop, trampoline, badminton, mini golf etc could be played by one and all in a sports arena that had been created in one corner. The place was brimming with activity.

Balloon art installation

As soon as the stage came alive with the Zumba instructors grooving to the tune of the latest Bollywood hits, the area was suddenly full of a spirited crowd of good as well as wannabe dancers. Some mothers carrying their babies in their kangaroo bags too couldn’t keep off it!


The Devils Angels Riders Club made a super appearance there with their machines deafeningly roaring away.


Some taekwando students performed signature stunts for everyone and basked themselves in all the praise they got.


Several brands catering to health and fitness needs like sports gear, protein drinks, aerated water, etc had their booths there to provide information to anyone interested.

All in all, it was a good experience and I was glad to be a part of it. Although it was a first-of-its-kind event, I sincerely hope that taking cue from it more such events are organised across Mumbai.

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  1. Good read!

    1. Thanks Sudershana!

  2. That’s a lot to do in one day. Wow! So, what all did you do?

    1. Nothing! :'( I was foolishly dressed in a jeans and flowy top, so I couldn’t do any yoga or dancing. Simply had to be happy looking at others.

      1. Hahahahaha! Well, you enjoyed – that’s what matters 🙂

        1. ???? Had to! I cajoled myself thinking that my lipstick wouldn’t get spoiled.

          1. ROFL. That’s hilarious. Buhahahahahahahah.

          2. ???????????????? ROFL! Now what else can I do right?

  3. Enjoyed the read Varsh!

    1. Thanks Sumith! ☺

  4. Ahh.. it’s interesting

    1. Yes, it is. ☺

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