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Sharing #NaBloPoMo day 23

I pinged R, my friend, in the morning today.

Me: Hey R, you have that beautiful meditation music right? Can you please send me that audio? The one I have isn’t half as good.

R: I have it, but why don’t you go get it on Youtube? Look for water meditation.

Me: Ok, thanks.

That was all. I wondered right then if I made a mistake in asking her for it or she made a mistake in telling me where to look because Youtube probably doesn’t have mp3 music.

There would probably be many such tracks out there. How will I know which one it is exactly? Wasn’t it simple enough to send me the track instead? How long does it take?

What I requested her to share with me wasn’t anything personal, was it? I won’t hold it against her, but someone just lost respect in my eyes.

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  1. Oh man. one of those. Like when you cook something great and they ask for recipes. But if you ask them they’ll generalise it and say ” got it off the net”. Yes, such people exist.

    1. Exactly! It wasn’t a big deal right? I would’ve found it off the net…and I tried to…but ended up downloading a lot of other stuff I didn’t want. Anyway, my bad I guess. ????

  2. Well never mind..

    1. Yeah..

  3. The world is full of such people dear, I too have had a few similar experiences 🙁

    1. How true Radhika. It comes as a surprise though, especially when we don’t think on those lines. 🙁

      1. Yes it sure does !

  4. Really, agree with you. I too get pissed off, when someone refuses to help in a small way. I write them off my contact list.

    1. It is like extending some courtesy right? I felt both angry and hurt. Hadn’t expected it at all.

  5. Been there too, Varsha! I have wondered ‘why’ too I suppose some people are just too busy or just can do this much or is there more?

  6. there are people who help just for the sake of it. there are people who express their impatience on hearing the second doubt from us….just they are proving that they are not an approachable person.. leave i dear..

    1. Ya may be you are right. They probably get along with their kind. 😬

  7. —leave it dear..

    1. Thanks dear.

  8. Dont know in which tone your friend said those words…
    Maybe your friend was too busy, or maybe he just said this because… umm whatever the reason be.
    Losing respect for this, idk if its good…
    Well, how are you di?

    1. Oh no..she wasn’t busy and could’ve easily done the needful. She chose not to. See, I never ask for favours from anyone, ever. This was something I asked after much deliberation. So yes, it hurt. Respect is hard to earn and very easy to lose. Keep this as a lesson for yourself too, Harsh.
      I’m ok. Trying to find solace in the mundane daily activities.

      1. Yes Di even I have experienced this… it takes just one second to spoil your image!
        You expected from her and she did that, that’s why you got hurt… that’s why I expect less from people, even my friends… haha
        So how’s angel and everyone?

        1. Um…I don’t think this is called as expectation per se. A simple thing anyone could do for anyone. Just the name of the track could be enough. I knew I would do it quite simply.
          Everyone is fine. How are you and your studies?

          1. My studies are more than awesome from me…. So, I am just lacking behind in Math’s practice because the syllabus us running, and I am walking… need to catch up.

          2. Maths takes only practice. Do it in breaks. Aaram se ho jayega. All the best! ????

          3. Thank you so much Di, will definitely do it… ????

  9. Oh ho! Sometimes its better to take these cues and leave them alone…
    Find your own music girl <3

    1. Yes! Lesson learnt for good. Now I know which way to avoid.
      Thanks Uma. You’re a dear. ☺

  10. Tell me about such people Varsh! The other day I asked someone where they got the skirt from and she replies it was from the xyz mall!.. That mall has atleast 50 sops which sells clothes!

    1. Same thing! Is it so hard to just tell? What do these people think they are hiding? It makes them come off as hollow and cheap. Hope they understand that.

  11. I’ve actually had the opposite experience but it felt equally hurtful. When a friend was looking for some information, I tried to be helpful by explaining it first, and then I sent a few links. After a day or two, I aksed if he’d got what he wanted. The response was an irritable, “I’m busy..too many things to do unlike you who seem to have so much time.” I learned to keep a low profile with that particular person.

    1. Whoa! That is soooooooooooo not cool.

      1. Totally uncool!!! ????

    2. Oh no!! That is too much!! Totally agree with you. Then people wonder why no one helps each other much. ????

  12. I knwo this is probably nothing close to what you’re looking for…but take a look, if you’re interested? 🙂 There is the sea, the rain, the wind…I LOVE it.

    1. Thanks dear..I will. ☺

  13. cheers to R..nice friend!

    1. Yes…indeed..a compliment truly deserved!

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