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What Complan price is worth for your kid’s health #63PercentMoreProtein

Parents play an important role in shaping the lifestyle of their kids. Whether it is about choosing healthy food over junk or playground games and sports over gadgets, the onus of setting the right example lies mostly on us. Children follow what they observe, not what they’re told, don’t they? Factors like the right nutrition, mentally stimulating activities, and rested sleep are crucial for overall growth among kids. Luckily nutritional drinks can support to bridge the gap if chosen wisely. As a mother, I like that my kids get more than my money’s worth in one Complan price.

A balanced diet comprising essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, etc is vital for the complete development of kids. Nutritional requirements vary depending on the age, size, and activity level of a child. (1) Hence, consuming nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole grains, etc must be encouraged. Additionally, foods high in sugar, salt, or preservatives must be avoided or strictly monitored.

What Complan price is worth for your kid's health_avibrantpalette

What role does protein play in a child’s development? (5)

  • Proteins are the building blocks of our body and help in the repair of muscles, and tissues during growth, maintenance, and injury.
  • Healthy hair and skin and energy levels are influenced by the protein intake in our diet.
  • Protein intake in young kids leads to higher bone density and has a positive effect on skeletal health. (5)
  • Consuming different varieties of proteins can prevent chronic diseases and promote overall health. (5)

Protein requirement is typically around 0.8-1g per kg of body weight or 10-15% of overall food intake in a day. (2) Having two kids aged 15 and 9 keeps me on my toes and I struggle to ensure that they get their recommended dose. Along with a healthy body, it’s imperative that their diet supports cognitive development. Hence, there’s a lot that we get for a Complan price.

Which protein-rich foods aid in better brain function for kids?

Consuming proteins from a variety of plant and animal sources is important for children. However, animal proteins are complete proteins as they contain almost all the 20 amino acids needed for our body while plant proteins may lack or be inadequate in one or more essential amino acids. (6) Children must be in a healthy state to learn and grasp concepts.

Here are some protein-rich foods that aid brain function:

  1. Peanut butter – a good source of Vitamin E that protects nervous membranes. (3)
  2. Oats – provide fuel for the brain that kids need. (3) (7)
  3. Dairy products – contain proteins, carbs, vitamins, and calcium which are important for brain tissue and enzyme growth. (3)
  4. Salmon – high in omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA is important for brain growth and function. (3)
  5. Eggs – Yolks contain choline which helps in memory development. (3)

In today’s competitive world, one can never risk losing out on any opportunity. Sickness, lack of stamina, or inability to concentrate are symptoms that can be linked to incomplete nutrition. (4)

Coming to why I feel the Complan price is worth it…

Vegetarians like me sometimes struggle to get our daily dose from our food. Complan in milk along with a balanced healthy diet helps my kids meet their nutrition goals and perform their best. It contains 100% milk protein and has 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. It also supports 2x faster growth and supports memory and concentration in kids. With all of this in a ready-to-use jar, the Complan price is definitely worth it, don’t you think so?

When we don’t think twice before ordering a cute top, why hold back when it’s our kids’ overall growth and development? A Complan price is not only a good investment, but also a relief that we’re doing the right thing for them.



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17 thoughts on “What Complan price is worth for your kid’s health #63PercentMoreProtein

    1. When we were little we used to have all kinds of health drinks like horlicks, bournvita etc, we even stole and ate just the dry powder😄… but somehow I didn’t give my kids any. I guess my main concern is the sugar in these things. Kids these days already have excess sugar(chocolates, cakes, cookies, icecreams, juices etc) on a regular basis… if I add a health drink to that daily… I feel it is too much sugar in their diet. But again, it is ‘To each his own.’

  1. It’s true , getting these fussy eaters to eat enough food to fulfil their growth requirements can be tricky specially in vegetarian families so food needs to be supplemented with nutritional drinks or powders.

  2. Since I am single, commenting for kids is difficult for me. But I did drink a glass of Complan for some time, some years back. And I liked the results, I did feel better, and the chocolate flavour was quite delicious. You’ve also shared the benefits quite clearly.

  3. A balanced diet is so essential and more so for growing children. And yes, vegetarians struggle to get all the required nutrients from natural sources and may have to depend on supplements. This is truly a very interesting and informative blog post.

    1. I do understand that preparing a meal for kids can be a task but I personal don’t advocate children to drink such type of malt drinks nowadays as they are loaded with chocolate and way too pack with minerals. An Healthy and balanced diet would be more beneficial and keeping away from eating junk food is more advisable. Just my personal opinion though.

  4. I grew up as a Complan Girl but when I Grew Up there was no Complan for the elders and I was sad…. But now again the time arrived when I need to introduce again Complan in my life for my little one.

  5. Finding the right nutritional balance for your child is one of the biggest challgnes of a modern-day parent. And when such a one-mug almost full meal is available, all you do is send gratitude to the universe. Thank you for sharing such an insightful article on this humble but great drink.

  6. A very informative post. Growing children need a balanced diet and additional nutrients also. We used Complan when my children were young. In spite of so many other products, it is still popular.

  7. I grew up as a Complan girl, and I still remember how I loved their different types of flavours. My favorites were chocolate and mango. Really, this is a drink that is definitely worth drinking.

  8. Protein has become such a big headache now frankly, just everyday having to think of ways to complete the daily requirements! uff! I am glad that complan has developed a product to take care of this in one go for the day!

  9. I’m more a Bournvita girl and have it even now with my milk, in fact more than tea or coffee. Since I’m not a parent I wasn’t aware of how important protein consumption is and how it can be made a part of daily nutrition for children. Will definitely pass it along to my friends with kids 🙂

  10. As someone who’s health-conscious, I appreciate learning about protein-rich options like Complan. It seems like a great choice for anyone looking to boost their nutrition.

  11. You are right in saying that it becomes difficult for us to provide all necessary nutrients to our children. Complan acts as a supplement to fulfill any discrepancies in their meals.

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