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Promise #BarAThon

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Two innocent souls, bonded together

By love, relation and an unspoken commitment

Brought together by destiny

Held together by compassion, belonging

They reach out to each other in touching ways

A smile, a hug or simply holding on

The effortless surrender, the cheerful banter

Creating memories from moments

A silent promise, to never walk away.

This post has been written for Day 7 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘Promise’.


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  1. pythoroshan says:

    Some of the best love stories Ive witnessed in real life all had a certain degree of silence about their beginnings. A glance that lingered a second longer, a smile that followed… those were the sparks back then instead of whatsapp messages 🙂

    1. How true! The time of not knowing…of waiting for a glimpse..of stealing glances….it was so much better than this silly whatsapp culture where you take pics at the drop of a hat and forward them to anyone!

  2. Beautiful lines. Pondered over above two comments and really feel the same…The other day i was discussing with my wife about the lyrics of the song “Aaj unse pahli mulakaat hogi fir aamne saamne baat hogi….Andekha anjaana mukhda kaisa hoga…Na jaane wo chand kaa tukda kaisa hoga…ek bekakaraari si din raat hogi… dil me umago ki barsaat hogi…tanhai me unse baat hogi…”
    We agreed that today’s lover would never get that “bekaraari” , of anticipation, mystery and that “dil me umango ki barsaat” and that craving for “tanhai” (many wouldnt even be knowing this word exists :). We were really lucky that way 🙂

    1. Some things are best done the old-fashioned way na! Earlier people waited months to state their feelings, or brooded for years after being refused. Today, youngters fall in and out of love pretty quickly. Even marriages are fickle. No commitment required.
      You really like that song, don’t you? Will see if I have it in my laptop and hear it.☺
      I wrote this post for sibling love, but its interesting the lines can be used in another sense too. ????

      1. Really true..Infact i have seen divorce cases in relations of my generations..Onus is on us to teach (by walking the talk) our children the virtues of patience , understanding and ability to repair relationship if it passes through rough patches if we are to have better adults tomorrow…The pic in your post did you click it or its from net…Its really a warm pic ????

        1. We can try and teach our children the importance of relationships and then hope that it stays with them when it comes to making decisions. All of them need working on.
          This is a pic of my children. I took it when my daughter was around 2 months old. Every time A Jr gave her his finger she would immediately hold on to it. I loved it and took this pic for keepsake. ☺

          1. I guessed so ..only that it appeared so professional so asked ????????

          2. You got the warmth in it which was more important. Professional or not, it was a genuine expression. ☺

  3. Indeed! A promise when I delivered my kid 🙂

    1. Yes….the most profound one ever! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow ….. Simply superb, Varsh !!!

    1. Thank you so much Vasantha. ☺

  5. Beautiful. .

    Loved it..

    1. Thanks Bikramjit. ☺

  6. shanayatales says:

    Brought together by destiny..held together by compassion…A silent promise to never walk away – So beautifully expressed. <3

    1. Thank you Shanaya..when the feelings are deep I guess words just flow… ☺

  7. silent promise assures unspoken words.. beautiful

    1. Yes. The powet of the unspoken word. Thanks Akhila.

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