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Scribblings in my Personal Diary

When I started my first blog on Blogger 13 years ago it was more or less an online personal diary. I wrote anonymously and loved the freedom it gave me to express, interact and occasionally rant. Varsh became my pen name and my husband and toddler son with their numerous histrionics regularly featured on it. Don’t get me wrong, I was prudent to realise that it was in the public domain and never crossed any boundaries. It wasn’t the same although a fleeting substitute to my diary back home, a precious treasure that seemed too personal to share even with my husband.

Back in my school days, a personal diary was a must-have. Kajol wrote romantic poems in HER diary in DDLJ, right? We couldn’t be left far behind! Never mind that we had to suffice with one of the many New Year diaries that arrived at home through our Dads’ business contacts. Every New Year began with an unshakeable resolution to fill in those pages with our creative imagination; poems, essays, drawings, et al. However, my personal diary, as I recall vividly, mostly had Madonna, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, and other English songs written all over it.

scribblings in my personal diary_avibrantpalette

Was I lazy to write about my days, friends, or silly matters of the heart? No. Nervy yes, lazy never! Having a younger brother who rummaged through my stuff in my absence and would cheerfully tell on me wasn’t a happy prospect after all. Locks were for strangers and sharing with siblings was good manners, or so we were told. Where in my heart would I find the courage to be myself?

After all these years I finally, again, have a space of my own. A study table I share with my son, but which is mine nevertheless. Would it be surprising then that the day I set my hands on it, I wrote in the personal diary that I had bought a while back and saved only for this special occasion? Holding a pen and writing in it with the cool evening breeze blowing over my face and a cup of Masala chai waiting to be devoured was a feeling I can never get enough of.

My handwriting has fetched me immense praise from friends, family, and teachers alike (although now it isn’t half as good as before). Others may have a different opinion, of course. For now, I’m again treading carefully, writing what can be written and saving the rest for a better time and space.

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28 thoughts on “Scribblings in my Personal Diary

  1. So beautiful Varsha. I’m glad you started writing in your diary again. I too remember the childhood days when I used to try and hide my diary but failed! It is nice to have a special space.

  2. The first thing I noticed was the neatness of your writing in the diary. I too maintained a diary in my youth. Later I tore them all up because I didn’t thing the entries were worth anything. Today they would have looked quite foolish, I guess 🙂

  3. I have never had the courage to write a diary. Kudos to you for going back to it. I often rant in word docs before deleting them. It has served me well 🙂

  4. I was never a diary person. I tried once, as it seemed fascinating but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to write. Once, when I was in school, I wrote about a minor earthquake we experienced. I still remember the date: 15th May, but then it seemed meaningless to me. 🙂
    It’s good that you have started maintaining a diary again.

  5. You have such a beautiful handwriting Varsha and it struck me. I feel that having a personal diary should be taught at a young age for expression. It matters loads in my view and true about sipping masala chai accompanying writing. I never had one in those days but scribbling in notebook. Got one in 2010 and still unfilled with so many pages. I gotta write in and what a motivation you just gave.

  6. Yes, your handwriting is beautiful. Even though the art of writing a diary in own handwriting is slowly dying in the digital age, but surely it brings lots of memories from childhood days. I also maintain a journal in my blog and I can relate to all that you said in this post of yours.

  7. My writing start with my diary. When I was in school, I had a daily dairy-in Marathi we call it Roznishi. I used to scribble about my day in that diary. With college it pages stated to be filled with friends talks, I kept a diary till my first pregnancy. Then there was a gap for a couple of years. Now once again, I have started journaling.

  8. Varsha, you have such a beautiful handwriting …can’t take my eyes off. Coming to diary, even I used to write a lot poems and as you said lyrics of the songs.

  9. Your post has made me nostalgic. I also used to write in diary during my childhood and college days and during those days, diary was like my best friend. indeed, diary writing has its own charm and magic and modern digital ways can not create that magic and satisfactory feeling.

  10. Writing Diary is like my first love, I used to write in my diary since childhood that I have to hide from everyone but now I am confident enough to write what I feel as there is nothing to hide from others at the same time my family understand well there is no need to enter someone’ comfort space. I love your handwriting and writing style as well Varsha!

  11. 😀Once upon a time I used to write a diary and was so passionate and possessive about it but it’s really funny as I don’t even remember where that diary disappeard and few year back my mom called and said we found your diary while cleaning but look at my fate after that I didn’t get a chance to visit my parents.

  12. I too maintained a diary in my college times. And I still have with myself. I shared everything about my daily life in it. Those were the beautiful memories of my life

  13. Nostalgic post. Glad to know you are writing your diary again. Writing a diary was a rite of passage when we were growing up. Wonder if the current generation does it too?

  14. You have (honestly) penned my feelings here. Writing a diary is like meditation that takes off a lot of burden from your heart. And it is exactly why I named my blog as The Trending Diary.

  15. I could never maintain a personal diary, though tried it many times but always it would end up with pages torned thrown in the trash bin. It was just not in me, writing! Could you believe it 😉

  16. I too use to write personal diary frm my school days till my early collage days but then I stopped as studies increased. It was so much fun to write and mention all the silly things we did that Time.

  17. The charm of writing on a paper with our favorite pens can never be diminished 🙂 You have such a beautiful handwriting. I have been scribbling in my diary since I was a kid and those are my prized possessions now 🙂

  18. Actually I have never maintained a personal diary but when I started freelancing with a top newspaper I remember writing the entire articles in a diary and then retyping it.. I love your handwriting it is fluid and beautiful

  19. I can so relate to your emotions Varsha. Even I have always loved putting down my thoughts in my personal diary. But due to reasons I stopped this habit few years ago. But that itch and craving to share my deepest thought with my favorite book still ignites in my heart.

  20. this is so inspiring to me , I wish to start writing my diary as well. This post is giving me lot of home and positivity to start writing diary again. It is like me talking to inner me

  21. No amount of technology can beat the pleasure one derives from a pen and paper. Dairy writing has a charm to it and glad to know you have maintain one for yourself.

  22. I used to write diary before but have got out of habit. You have such neat handwriting. Now this post makes me want to start again.

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