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Love Respect Companionship Part 3 #Fiction

‘Love Respect Companionship’ is an unconventional love story that makes you see relationships in a different light. I had written this piece of fiction some time back and would like your feedback on it. This post is the third in a series of four posts. 

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Their lives soon became independent of the other’s existence. They were no more than a passing reference if anyone inquired about their acquaintance with each other. Anya managed to look at other boys in a way that was abhorrent to her till then while Ved compelled himself into believing that he could’ve possibly been wrong about himself earlier after all.

Years passed. Both Ved and Anya left their reckless teenage days behind and became competent and sought-after professionals in their respective fields. Anya did her post-graduation with honours and was now a tenured professor in a reputed college. She was occasionally called for lectures and seminars to share her knowledge with students and her peers.

She did well personally too. After being pursued and wooed for a good few months she had finally found solace in the arms of Akshay, a successful CEO of a well-known MNC. They had met during a seminar they had both attended in their individual capacities; she as an expert and he as a sponsor. Soon after, Akshay proposed marriage and Anya accepted.

Ved’s passion had many times taken him on assignments within the country and overseas. His was a coveted name in the photography world and clients were ready to accept any price he quoted. On his many international photo shoots he finally let his guard down and mingled with other homosexual men. He didn’t need any more assurances about his preferences but was still a far cry from coming out of the closet. He had many affairs but the dire need of being head over heels in love and belong to someone never got fulfilled.

Ved’s family was a part of Anya’s wedding but his absence was conspicuous to everyone, including both of theirs. For the nth time Anya was asked about the reason behind their bitter spat but she declined to answer. She was glad that her visits to her home city somehow never overlapped with Ved’s presence in the vicinity.

Their lives and paths would never have crossed again; had due to an unfortunate turn of events Akshay not lost his coveted job. Following charges of embezzlement and misuse of company’s funds Akshay had been unceremoniously laid off. The disrepute that got attached to his name ensured him not getting a respectable position in any other company. Slowly, his frustration boiled down to his behaviour with Anya and led to frequent fights between them.

After one such row with Akshay, Anya stormed to her home unannounced one day and to her surprise found Ved sitting on their living room couch. Subconsciously, her mind saw them sitting together on the same couch years ago, and for the first time ever she felt a pang of guilt for the events of that day.

As she went and sat next to Ved she saw in his eyes the same concern that the dear toddler Ved who had generously offered her his toffee had shown. Her mother, worried for her but also relieved at not having to witness a scuffle between them hurriedly went in to make coffee.

To be continued…

(The next post is the last one in the series. Do stay with me for it 🙂 )

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Ooh the suspense is building! I am eagerly awaiting the fourth part of the series. You have really got me hooked!

    1. Next part coming up soon, Noor. 🙂

  2. Hi Varsh,

    Lovely bit of post. You have shared a beautifully written post which is very engaging and entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

    1. Thanks Sajid. 🙂

  3. I loved the fictional love story you have been sharing. It’s so entertaining at times.

  4. This is such a lovely Piece, I am hooked to know whats happening in the story. Waiting for the next one… bring it on soon 🙂

  5. I’ glued to this story, at every step I wish to know more. How about writing a story book Varsha?

    1. Story book, really? I hope someday it happens, Jhilmil. Thanks for this compliment. 🙂

  6. Nisha Malik says:

    I actually went to eat the 1st and 2nd part because fiction is my genre and I love love stories. I am anxiously waiting for the 4th installment as I am hooked to the story now.

    1. When a fiction lover likes your stories it is a good sign. 🙂 Next part coming up soon, Nisha.

  7. I am loving your this series.. The suspense is increasing slowly.. Eagerly waiting for the fourth series..

  8. Oh god! Why did you end today’s part here! 😭 I wanted to read the full story! This is soooo gripping! Soooo deep! I just loved this! Please post the next part soon!

    1. I’m so glad you liked the story, Mrinal! The next part is interesting and you’ll know why I had to stop it here. 😉

  9. Slowly getting addicted to this series. Too bad next is the last one. Bring it on some more such beautiful stories soon.

  10. I haven’t read the previous parts yet, but after reading this I will definitely read the last 2 too, to get the complete communication. Egerly waiting for thenext blog too

  11. Lovely post and beautifully written. I always look forward to read your post. Cannot wait to read the next part.

  12. Such a wonderful story, waiting for the fourth part. Must say it was really engaging and an amazing story.

  13. I hope that everything gets sorted between them and they bond well as before. I am curious to read the next part and know the climax.

    1. Relationships go through their ups and downs and we can only hope for the best. Stick around, Amrit. You’ll like what happens next.

  14. I am enjoying the shape this story is taking. It has me hooked, and waiting for more!

    1. Thanks for reading the series till here, M. You’ll like the next and final part. Will publish it soon.

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