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DIY Bookmarks to spruce up your reading time (Part 1)

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. However, when you’re a mother, your creativity and innovative spirit inevitably increase by leaps and bounds. Whether it is picking up a paintbrush to accompany my girl’s painting endeavours or replicating complicated science drawings for my son, I have my hands full. Some things are done for the pure joy they give us though and that’s what these DIY bookmarks did for us!

A Jr’s birthday is coming up next week and my little baby’s turning a teenager. Yay! He tries to be a ‘big boy’ and feigns indifference whenever we discuss his birthday celebrations. Cute, isn’t it? He announced last year that he doesn’t want to go the whole nine yards by putting up balloons, decorations, or inviting his friends over. Post pandemic, the biggest celebration is a day out with family, taking in some fresh air and eating junk food. Has my son really matured in ways I couldn’t imagine?

None of this means that we can’t make his day special, right? I decided to pull all stops and meticulously collected 13 gifts for him (More about them on his birthday!). Angel had overheard him complaining that all our bookmarks are old, torn, or faded. Thus, the idea of gifting my reader son with some cute DIY bookmarks dawned upon us!

DIY bookmarks to spruce up your reading time!_avibrantpalette

Both my kids LOVE Harry Potter! A Jr has read and reread the books multiple times and Angel has, well, seen the movies. They discuss him untiringly and endlessly (yes, even 6yo Angel). So much so that sometimes I consider laying down a plate for him at our dinner table. But then, we’re vegetarians nor serve pumpkin juice or butterbeer so I hold back. LOL! 🙂 🙂

Anyway, I painted these Harry Potter DIY bookmarks for him. Nothing fancy, I cut out rectangles from Angel’s old drawing book, drew the faces, and coloured them. This famous Harry-Hermione-Ron trio puts the term BFF to shame and gives us serious friendship goals. They give a tough fight to trolls, spiders, and dementors while welcoming a lonely Neville, strange Luna, and kickass Ginny into their fold. What’s more, as a girl, I feel immensely proud that Hermione deservingly wins hands down with her grit and intelligence.

Do you think I did a good enough job of bringing them to life?

DIY bookmarks to spruce up your reading time (Part 1)_avibrantpalette

Creativity is addictive; once you start, you cannot stop. Mandala art has long fascinated me. Traditionally, it’s a circular abstract design and represents the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. However, there have been many beautiful modern takes on it with different forms and shapes as well. It is intricate, therapeutic, and requires undivided concentration. Finesse can, understandably, come only with practice.

Thanks to online tutorials and images, I attempted to make few Mandala DIY bookmarks. I’m sure that to a practiced eye they might seem amateur. The circles aren’t perfect and the lines are messy in places. Blame it on an unsteady, slightly apprehensive hand and the impatience of a self-taught newbie. I’m inspired and won’t stop until I can develop my own designs and flaunt them proudly. 🙂

What do you think about my designs? Am I close to being any good?

Tattletale Angel blabbed out to A Jr and he’s now super excited to slip Harry Potter in his new Neil Gaiman book. Is it allowed? 😉 I have few unread books on my bookshelf and can’t wait to pick and choose which bookmark will give me company. Amazing how easily happiness finds its way in our lives, isn’t it?

Keep an eye out for my next post where I’m going to share the next set of bookmarks. Also, do share your suggestions on DIY bookmarks I can try. I might make one and feature it on the blog with due credit to you! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “DIY Bookmarks to spruce up your reading time (Part 1)

  1. Close to good? You are way ahead of good. They are all very good. Creativity has no boundaries. Bookmarks gives a new dimensions to books. We feel good overtime we see handmade bookmarks which is made keeping mind the book we are reading.

  2. I am a big fan of DIY things. It gives an amazing creative satisfaction to make something beautiful on your own. I loved the bookmarks made by you. specially the Madala one is most amazing. looking forward to see more creative work of yours in next post.

  3. I love making bookmarks myself. And yes creativity is addictive. I love Mandala art and sometimes it keeps my awake late night as I can’t stop making and coloring. You have done a great job.

  4. All these are looking nice, I agree with every book we need a special bookmark. I made bookmarks by myself as I love art, so I do mandala art on it. Nice post

  5. First of all, kudos for attempting Mandala DIY bookmarks. I’m sure that with practice you’ll ace these bookmarks. That said, your first attempt was commendable. Well done and keep getting better at your craft.

  6. Wow, these bookmarks loo so cute and attractive. My daughter loves to do craftwork. I am planning to make something like this with her. I am sure she will be happy.

  7. One thing that I need rhe most is a book mark as I read a lot and my kids tend to remove the bookmark all the time. I really loved the Harry Potter and the madala book marks.

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