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Lovingly stubborn 

“Hello, my dear!” said the excited male voice on the phone.

“Who dear? I’m not talking to you!” she said angrily.

“Now, don’t be stubborn. You can’t get rid of me.” he said sweetly.

“Where were you gone then?” she asked, calming down.

“I was in your heart. You didn’t check.” came the charming answer.

Edited to add: Kindly go through the comment section to read the most creatively disturbing continuation of this story. 😬

53 thoughts on “Lovingly stubborn 

    1. ???????????? ya that could be the next time. Lets make it. My 55-fiction is done. Now the story ahead…
      He said, ” I believe heart-to-heart calls don’t need phones…?”

          1. Yaa your affair. And I still called you, coz you know what? I thought you’ll know what a jerk he is, repent and then be alone. Can’t see that. He said. ????????

          2. Na.. I think you are a jerk. That is why I was having an affair..mein jaa rahi hu. Hamesha Hamesha ke liye. Bye. And she leaves him, holding her head high.. Doesn’t see the banana skin on the floor. And dhadham!! She slips and falls. Jack fell down and broke his crown, Jill came tumbling after. 😛

          3. She didn’t notice he was eating the banana while talking to her. She was dreaming about someone else instead. Toota toota ek parinda aise toota ki phir ud na paaya ????

          4. Oh my….first of all it needs to get some toilet manners. Jhankar Beats mein Rahul Bose ki car yaad hai? ????
            Btw….I edited the post…the comment section might get more views now????????

          5. Really? Let me see the edited post 🙂
            Pigeons are Shitty birds. Really. Sometimes I feel they suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. A dollop of shit here, a dollop of shit there, here shit, there shit, everywhere shit shit… 😛
            You know, according to studies, pigeon shit is bad and causes many diseases in human beings. Apartment people suffer a lot to this pigeon menace.

          6. Tell me about it! The biggeat problem I’ve had in my homes is of pigeons. Can’t keep windows open coz they fly in and shit in the house. Yuckkk!
            On the other hand, they are like my girl’s long-lost buddies. She is too happy when she sees pigeons and calls them aaja aaja. ????

          7. Haha…hey you’ve seen You don’t mess with the Zohan? This song was in that too. When I saw it first time I almost broke into a dance. ????

          8. Oh ya…everyone likes George Clooney. The straight a d gay community might split him into half someday. I wonder who will get what. ????????????

          9. Ya so…I meant right and left hand to hold….and right or left shoulder to hold on to..what did you think ????????????????????????

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