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Tears of #gratitude, because of her

Life is the best teacher. It teaches us the most profound lessons in the most unusual circumstances and in the simplest ways. When some things are easily at our disposal, we often tend to overlook their significance and it takes no less than a rude reality check to make us wake up to the gratitude… Read More Tears of #gratitude, because of her

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Treating 'others' differently

Unsure of everything happening around, he stood there quietly, his eyes darting in every direction and his mind seemingly filled with a hundred questions. Am standing near the right gate? Am I late? Do I stand here or go to the main door? He didn’t say anything aloud, but from experience I could read his… Read More Treating 'others' differently

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Dreams, guilt and parenting

As I blearily open my eyes after a well-rested sleep, I’m pleasantly surprised to find my two bundles of joy partially hidden behind the Big Book of Fairy Tales which I got for A Jr some time back (and which is still in an amazingly good condition!). Despite Angel’s endless interruptions while pointing at some… Read More Dreams, guilt and parenting