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When ‘nothing’ works

“I’m tired, I want to do nothing!” was my 4.6yo Angel’s excuse when I asked if she would like to help me in some household chores. She had wrapped up her school work, her screen time was over and keeping her occupied was proving to be a difficult task.

I was amused with her answer wondering just how tiring writing alphabets and numbers and watching cartoons could be. Also, with a hint of regret I speculated if I could or would make similar excuses to get out of work. Is ‘not wanting to do anything’ a luxury I can afford?

Compulsive Virgo traits like worrying, cleanliness and striving for perfection can be a bane at times, honestly. I’m a stay-at-home mother of two and have my hands full even when I’m not blogging, writing or working. I single-handedly, well mostly, lug all home and parenting responsibilities on my shoulders.

However, I have no say in the jobs I’m irrevocably assigned with all day. Like a reluctant Ola or Uber driver I have to struggle and find my way to the destination, anyhow. I get abundant tips though in the form of the love and smiles of my family and I happily live for that part. 😉 🙂

There’s a lot written and discussed about me-time nowadays and I’m all for it. Spending time with you is the cheapest therapy and the best, easiest company. Taking up a hobby, going for long walks, reading and what not, there’s no dearth of stuff one can do alone.

Does doing nothing qualify as me-time though? Would it be preposterous to want to bury yourself in a quilt and wish everyone and everything away? No, this isn’t about laziness or shirking work. It is more about the freedom to choose inactivity without any remorse.

Inspired by my own reason, I went ahead and did the unthinkable the other day. Even as a pile of washed laundry waited to be put away I parked myself on the swing in my balcony. Did I tell you that I have a lake and park-facing home that offers a gorgeous view?

I kept my phone aside and spent a good amount of time looking at the rain, just looking. My thoughts ran amuck for the first few minutes but slowly melted away as a strange calmness consumed me. However, creative people can never completely shut themselves off and the draft of this post formed and filed itself away somewhere in my mind.

Nothing came to my rescue when nothing else worked, go figure! Life isn’t as complicated as we make it to be and we aren’t integral to everything in our lives. I wonder if the satiation of being wanted drives us to stretch our limits.

Do you believe in doing nothing too? Have you tried cutting yourself off from the world and enjoyed the lonely feeling? Whether you agree or not, please do share your thoughts with me.

18 thoughts on “When ‘nothing’ works

  1. I agree completely with you. Why yesterday only, I was sitting on my terrace, with so many empty pots surrounding me and seed packets that needs to be potted…but just sat and enjoyed the peace and calmness of the terrace garden with Rafi’s songs playing on my mobile on a low volume..
    Who can understand the importance of Doing Nothing and staying calm better than a Mother??

  2. I love doing nothing and I could totally relate to your post. Often i need 5 minutes in a quiet room to just zone out.. it helps keep me going!

  3. I do that often, cutting myself off from the world just sitting idle, looking out from my window and that’s when I get most of my writing ideas. Lovely post, Varsha!

  4. I am a Virgo too and I can so understand what you wrote. I absolutely love doing nothing at times and that’s how I recharge myself I guess.

  5. I often go alone on a walk alongside a lake. It really lets you be with yourself. It gives you an opportunity to introspects and enjoy the me time which highly recommended for the overall well-being of a human being.

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