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The Picture #ShortStory (Part 1)

Mohit gazed out the window of his luxurious corner office absently toying with his half-filled coffee mug. The picture perfect view of the Queen’s Necklace normally warmed his heart and soothed his ego but today his mind was elsewhere. The coffee had long gone cold while his eyes lay transfixed on the crashing waves.

He turned to look at his newly-acquired office which, though a bone of contention for many, hadn’t made him feel at home yet. The contemporary décor, complete with faux leather upholstery and exquisite modern art, was the sort he had only seen in magazines till then. A fleeting smile crossed his lips as he recalled the gasps of envy from his friends when he shared pictures with them.

He was the CEO of a major MNC, a position he had given his everything for. His meteoric rise in the company was an inspirational story that was widely written about. He had not only achieved his dream but was living it too. His life seemed perfect. Why were then his heart and mind at loggerheads with each other today?

As he stole a glance at his computer screen yet again, he precisely knew why. The picture he was looking at couldn’t be implausible but surprising nevertheless. Was it really who he thought it was or was it merely a wretched trick played on him by destiny? Could this really happen?

He had been looking at the pictures of one of his close friend’s birthday party which he was invited to but couldn’t attend due to some pressing work commitments. They were uploaded on Facebook and had already gathered more than a hundred likes. Truth be told, he wasn’t particularly looking forward to the party. Weren’t these the same friends who had questioned and cross-questioned him when he was…never mind now.

As he shifted from one picture to another his mind kept racing from the past to the present and back. The party was planned as a reunion of sorts. These were his friends; the ones he shared a room and life with in college days. They ogled at girls together and got in trouble for their alcohol-induced misbehaviour together. They screwed and covered up for each other. Their gang was unmatched and unparalleled. What a life it was!

Most of the party pictures predominantly captured the assorted bottles of their beloved brands (which weren’t affordable in college days) to hopefully make the hearts of the likes of him burn and turn to ash. He would have missed it easily in all this frenzy had his friends known better than that. But it had to happen.

A deliberate capturing of the hot chick sitting on the adjoining table would’ve been avoided if they had any inkling of who she was. He intently stared at the screen for the nth time to catch a glimpse of her. The same soulful eyes, the errant lock of hair caressing her cheek and the self-assured air of confidence. She was his girlfriend he technically never broke up with; his passion at one time and his weakness at another.

To be continued..

9 thoughts on “The Picture #ShortStory (Part 1)

  1. Aha, your fiction tales are always good to read. Yes sometimes a single flash of memory takes us to the point where dilemma was arised, hope the leading character makes up for the loss in second part.

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