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Thoughts and Dreams

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It wasn’t a nightmare; in fact quite the opposite. I was shaken anyway. It was a dream which, had it reached a logical conclusion, could’ve made my day. Alas, that was not to be! While it is pardonable to curse the alarm for waking up a reluctant me and drag myself out of my quilt every morning, today it outlived its utility and invited my detestation like never before.

If dreaming was made a vocation I would in all probability ace my class. There have been times when I’ve been accused of zoning out in the middle of a crowd or not listening to things that are within earshot, even blaring. My mind wanders to the moon and back while my physical being is involved in some inconsequential menial chore. You get the point, right?

Our words, thoughts and feelings need a release. We can pour our heart out to our partner, family or friends, express it through art in any form or rant it out on social media through anonymous accounts if we please. Yet, there are times when something felt but left unsaid keeps nagging in the back of our minds and makes its presence felt through our dreams or nightmares.

Little wonder then that we have psychologists studying and dissecting our dreams and their patterns to analyse and diagnose any mental or emotional issues. On occasion I’ve searched the internet for meanings behind some strange and unpleasant dreams I’ve had and their connection with my real life incidences is uncanny. Also, sad as it may be, negative feelings leave darker imprints on our minds.

There are times when I see my Mom, hail and hearty and without the slightest trace of pain, admonishing me for my dishevelled look like she always did. Is it because I don’t confess that I miss her but also hope that she’s happy wherever she is?

A chat or Facebook update by an old friend brings back some bitter-sweet college memories. Has the struggle for acceptance and dealing with many complexes while growing up left a bad aftertaste?

The one that I was talking about when I started, well, let’s suffice to say that it’s a dream that I’ve lived with for the longest time, which remains unfulfilled and possibly always will in real life. The fact that I still see it means it has continued being a part of me, hasn’t it?

We cannot wish away our dreams, and never should. Dreams are like a leisurely walk inside the darkest recesses of our minds. We may come across a beautiful garden or barren land, a glass palace or deserted ruins or an angel or a scary monster. They are all part of our imagination and have a reason for being featured on our personal mind channel. How else would our mind communicate with us? We hardly pay heed to its subtle indications when we are awake!

You are a dreamer too, aren’t you? What pictures does your mind show you? Do you analyse your dreams too? Share with me, please.

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54 thoughts on “Thoughts and Dreams

  1. Lovely write up, Varsha. I especially loved this line:

    “Dreams are like a leisurely walk inside the darkest recesses of our minds”

    I’m sure we all dream. Not quite sure if they always make sense, and sometimes I can only remember bits and pieces of it when I wake up. I do analyse my dreams – which shouldn’t really be a surprise, because I overanalyse everything. (Even though I frequently tell others not to!).

    Oh well. Dreams are also manifestations of hopes sometimes. So I guess a little analysis might help 🙂

    1. My dreams don’t make much sense to me many times. Few though are so real that even after waking up I’m confused between them and reality. Analysing them is helpful, I agree. It has given me clarity on certain occasions. Over-analysing isn’t bad if you ask me. As writers/bloggers we tend to do it more often than we think. 😀
      Thanks a lot for comment, Sid. It is good to see you on my blog after a long time.

  2. I always get dreams; sometimes absurd, sometimes scary and sometimes really funny! Absurd ones keep me busy joining the dots. Scary ones momentarily disturb my slumber and the funny ones make me laugh even when I am asleep and that makes my better half get startled!
    As rightly said by you, dreams are a part of our personality!
    A refreshingly crisp and thoughtful post Varsh!

    1. You kind of summed up my post in your comment, A! True, dreams are of many kinds and so are our reactions to them. They mean a lot or sometimes nothing. Any which way, they are a part of us.
      Glad you liked it, dear. Had been thinking of this ever since I was woken up by the alarm.

  3. I dream and sometimes they are so fresh in my ind when I wake up.But i don’t try to analyze them because I feel they are logic less sometimes. A lovely post Varsha.

    1. These almost real dreams can be without logic too, Upasna. Still they are so fresh in my mind that it gets too much at times. Analysing is fun, but not always.
      Thanks for reading. 🙂

    1. Your mind works so awesomely well when awake, I’m really curious about your dreams! Send some dream logic over na please. I will solve my complicated issues too. 😉
      P.S : I’m yet to see Inception, 😀

  4. There was a time when I used to keep Dream Journal to analyze my dreams. Mind has two parts analytical and emotional. During dreams, analytical part also sleeps; the part that remains active is emotional, which is also pictorial. So, what we see in dreams is random facts of our daily lives. But, if you analyze it carefully & associate it with the events that you encounter in near future, you may find a pattern, and on its basis, you can form your own omens. I guess, this is reason our ancient system uses it as omen or predicting the near future.

    1. Trust you to give a perspective that lends credit to my ‘thoughts’, Ravish. It sure makes sense to connect the emotional part of our mind with the images we see. Mostly I just analyse and forget but now I’m tempted to keep a dream journal and see if I can find a pattern. Any pointers?

  5. That’s a great post about thoughts and dreams… I have huge dreams both personal and professional.. my personal dreams to travel the world like no one ever done before.. And my professional dream is to see my self as best top 10 wedding photographer in india

    1. Those are some great dreams, Poornima. Wish you the best for both of them. Travel and photography sound like a perfect combination! Thank you so much.

  6. lovely post V! You would ace, with me coming in a close second 😉
    Definitely, keep dreaming! I have found that: dreams actually can be a part of our plans, and that, it is never too late to follow your dreams! So whatever it is that you will cannot happen, I say to you, DETERMINE to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, & MAKE IT HAPPEN! YOU CAN !

    1. Such a beautiful comment this is, Ishi! We are dreamer buddies! Yay!
      True, our dreams are never too late to realise and we can and should follow them and make them happen.

  7. What a lovely read it was! Yea I try to study my dreams many a times , sometimes they show me dark reflections and sometimes give me the strength to get up and conquer the world

    1. Same here, Jhilmil. Sometimes they make sense and sometimes don’t. Depends on the state of mind that time. We must take the positives from them, always. 🙂

  8. Wow!! What an amazing post.. Never ever stop dreaming.. in ur sleep too. As dream defines your personality and also your sub conscious mind tries to tell you a 1000 things through your dream only if you try to decode it properly

    1. That is true. Dreams are a way in which our subconscious tries to communicate with us. We need to learn to decode what it is trying to show us.
      Thanks for your lovely comment! 🙂

  9. Beautiful written and such touching lines. I ahve always believed that having a dreama and working for it is crucial for every person otherwise the sacrifices or the compromises leave a guilty and regretting feeling.

    1. Without dreams and the will to achieve them we are simply existing, aren’t we? A life of regrets, I sincerely hope not.
      Thanks for reading, Shivali.

  10. I have always been a dreamer! Always! ❤ Since childhood I used to Imagine myself in situations and act accordingly…. Sometimes I don’t remember what’s reality and what I had seen in my dreams! ❤

  11. Excellent write up Varsha. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but I noticed that whenever I get stressed I am more prone to get nightmares and wake up in the middle of the night. Dreams do mean a lot more than what they seem.

    1. Thanks a lot, Rajlakshmi! You’re right. Our state of mind highly determines what we tend to dream about at night. Something as simple as an argument with someone too flashes in our dreams.

    1. Living them out is the best thing to do, Deborah. I don’t analyse everytime and don’t take it too seriously either. Is fun for a while though.
      Thanks for reading. 🙂

  12. Oh yes! There are 1-2 dreams which I often see or rather dream about. Once when I was dreaming about the same thing repeatedly, I googled about the reason, and what I read was startling. I agree with you that every dream has some connection with us, whether from this life or the past.

    1. True, the repetitive ones are the ones that stay with us and can actually mean something. I’ve noticed that it brings certain clarity of thought after analysing them. You know, the thoughts we ignore in our consciousness?
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me, Rashi. 🙂

  13. Enjoyed reading you.

    I could relate to you when you said that you feel zoned out in the middle of some conversation. Well, that happens with me a lot. Also, I have had some weird dreams which seem to be totally out of place but then they leave my side pretty soon.

  14. Wonderful !! While reading this fantastic article…the first thought came in mind was like….यार सच में सपने तो मुझे भी आते है!! डरावणे कभी फॅंटसीवाले..कभी अपनो को खो देने के….इस अनुभव को आपने बेहतरीन शब्दो में ब्लॉग में उतारा है!!

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