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The Horror Dupatta Story #WoWe

Gullu and Tikku stared at the green dupatta, the mere sight of it sending a chill down their spine.

“Why is it still here? Why didn’t you get rid of it?” Gullu blurted out.

Normally submissive, Tikku wasn’t taking it lying down this time.

“Don’t blame me. What could I do in all that mad rush!” he retorted.

They heard helplessly the whirring sound of their car receding as it sped away in the night. Their hands, tied firmly behind their back, had started bruising with their failed attempts at release. They shook their heads disgustedly as blood trickled down their broken noses and touched their lips. Dumped in a corner of an old warehouse, they shivered thinking of what lay in store for them.

“Tikku, what shall we tell Boss now?” Gullu asked anxiously.

Tikku said angrily, “We’ll tell him to kidnap his girl himself next time. If that wasn’t enough we had to make her wear that damn wedding dress too. Who’ll tell us that she’s a karate black belt and can beat us into pulp?”

They froze as they heard a car approaching, then glanced at each other and the green dupatta lying abandoned on the floor.

Words: 200

Written for the #WoWe prompt hosted by Mayuri and Rashi

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7 thoughts on “The Horror Dupatta Story #WoWe

  1. Yeah, thats the new age girl power! You delivered a solid punch with this take on the prompt Varsh.

  2. Haha. This is superb. Need of the hour. Although, to be honest, i got confused if this is a horror story owing to the horror word in the title. Thanks for writing in, Varsha. 🙂

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