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How to make the most of your family vacation in Pattaya

Pattaya, located in Thailand, is a place that needs no introduction. Everything from its beaches and natural beauty to its spas and nightlife has made it one of the most loved and preferred travel destinations. Not only is it easy to get to and boasts of a similar tropical climate as ours, but it also offers lots of water sports and activities that keep us engaged and entertained. Pattaya is often projected as the perfect excursion for singles and friends outings. However, did you know that a family vacation in Pattaya can be great fun too? Our recent trip there surely proved it.

Beginning with this post I’m covering all the places we visited in Pattaya in a three-post series. I’ll cover points from getting there to the best places to visit so you can keep a ready checklist for reference. Hopefully, these pointers will motivate you to pack your bags and take off!

family vacation in pattaya_avibrantpalette

What you need and how to get there?

All you need is a valid passport. Thailand offers visa-free entry for citizens with an Indian passport. Ensure that you carry physical printouts of your tickets (to and fro) for a faster process. Please note that there are no direct flights to Pattaya from Mumbai. You fly to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport and then take a bus or taxi from there. The distance is around 120 km and takes nearly 2 hours to reach.

*It’s advisable to have your currency converted into Thai Bahts beforehand since airports charge additional fees or commissions. Keep your luggage weight in check to avoid exorbitant excess baggage charges.

What to carry and which clothes to wear?

The Pattaya sun and heat can be extremely discomforting. Caps, hats, and/or umbrellas are a must to tow whenever you step out. It won’t hurt to invest in a portable battery-operated or handheld fan (you’ll find lots there) to keep yourself cool. Slather loads of sunscreen on your face and body to avoid sunburns.

To fully enjoy your family vacation in Pattaya choose loose and comfortable outfits in cotton or other breathable fabrics. Donning sunglasses will be a good idea. Also, don’t forget to carry water bottles and stay hydrated.

Now that we’re all set, let’s get our vacation started! This itinerary is spread over two days to get sufficient time to enjoy every place. You can have comfortable travel and mealtime without having to rush.

Gems Gallery

Gems Gallery is like the women’s version of Disneyland. Spread over a huge area, it is luxurious and boasts the world’s biggest jewellery store. From the entrance, you’ll be surrounded by pictures of the most exquisite jewellery pieces adorning the walls. They offer a spectacular light-and-sound show that takes you through the journey of a gemstone right from mining to being delicately crafted by Thai craftsmen.

gems gallery pattaya_avibrantpalette

gems gallery pattaya_avibrantpalette

You can see them deep at work, creating their beautiful pieces. The store itself has an extensive selection of jewellery with real precious stones set in silver, gold, and other metals. They offer affordable jewellery too, and a certificate is provided for all the purchased products. There’s a different zone exclusively for souvenirs. The staff is well-versed and helpful. A family vacation in Pattaya is incomplete without a visit here.

gems gallery pattaya_avibrantpalette

Timings: 8:30 am – 5 pm.

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise is a beautiful museum that provides an interactive 3D art experience, amazing optical illusions, and unique photo corners. You can download their app at the entry point. Looking through its camera you can see the pictures come alive through 3D art. Holding Thor’s hammer as the lightning strikes, petting a leopard while sitting on a throne, and enjoying a romantic boat ride in a Venetian canal being some of them.

art in paradise_avibrantpalette

art in paradise_avibrantpalette

Added to them there are 100 paintings and different themes including Egyptian deserts, African safaris, dragons, meditating Buddha, and many more. Take your time and let your camera go berserk. It’s allowed. Kids will love the optical illusions. Admittedly, a must-visit place during your family vacation in Pattaya.

Art in paradise_avibrantpalette

Art in paradise_avibrantpalette

Timings: 9 am – 9 pm. Entry ticket 400 THB.

Pattaya Park Tower

Pattaya Tower will be one of your kids’ favourites during your family vacation in Pattaya. It is fun to explore for people who enjoy an adrenaline rush. However, be warned that real adventure seekers may find it a tad disappointing. You can buy the tickets for the activities on the ground floor and then take the lift to the 55th floor. It is a sort of observatory and offers a gorgeous view of the city. With the clear blue ocean on one side and tall buildings and greenery on the other, it’s truly a sight to behold.

pattaya park tower_avibrantpalette

pattaya park tower_avibrantpalette

pattaya park tower_avibrantpalette

From there you proceed to the 56th floor from where you can take either the Sky Shuttle (a capsule that seats 6-8 people), Speed Shuttle (two people standing), or Tower Jump (a single person with a harness goes down a ropeway) to go straight down. You can take pictures or selfies in the first two but during Tower Jump it’s advisable to avoid it although the speed is slow. The guy standing near the landing point will take pics which you may buy at a price.

Pattaya park tower_avibrantpalette

Timings: 11 am -10 pm. Entry ticket 300 THB.

Alcazar Show

Alcazar show is an extraordinary and opulent cabaret show that’s performed by transgenders. It shows why Pattaya is considered one of the most sought-after party destinations. The artists are dressed in the finest (although revealing) glamourous costumes with designer hats, feathers, stylish shoes, and more. The stage changes with every performance and is grand in every way.

alcazar show_avibrantpalette

alcazar show_avibrantpalette

You might want to keep your younger children away from the over-the-top glitz and glam as some may be inappropriate. However, as an art form, one cannot disregard the hard work put into every dance. I Will Survive, Laila Main Laila, and other known songs will get you grooving.

Timings: Every night, starting from 6 pm. Ticket price 800-1000 THB.

Important points to remember:

  • Apart from Pattaya Park Tower, all other places are often fairly crowded. Prebook tickets wherever possible and be there on time. Expect some waiting periods as well.
  • Ditch your heels and opt for comfortable walking shoes since it’s easier and cheaper to get around on foot. You can’t explore a city from inside a moving vehicle, right?
  • Photography is allowed in most places. Where it isn’t, please follow the rules and avoid it.
  • Thai people are used to tourists and can speak and understand broken English. Be patient while interacting with them.
  • Public washrooms everywhere are clean and hygienic. You can use them without any worries.

As a mother and a travel lover, I confess that more than anything else it is the smile on the faces of my family that was truly the most beautiful sight. Seeing them soaking in unadulterated happiness and relishing a well-deserved break from routine life made my heart melt. Of course, I had my perks too. Got the husband to show his love for me with some gorgeous trinkets from the Gems Gallery! 🙂

In the next posts in this series, I’ll talk about Noong Nooch Tropical Garden and Coral Island, two of the most beautiful places in Pattaya. Where the former is humbling and awe-inducing, the latter is full of exciting thrills. Stay tuned for more tips for your family vacation in Pattaya and connect with me for more information.

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  1. Loved how detailed your post about a family vacation in Pattaya was, it had all the little tips for making the most of your vacation. Laila Main Laila song being played would enthrall us Indians at the Alcazar show.

  2. My sister’s been to Pattaya but it’s been all business trips, so she didn’t get to do much sightseeing. Your post has given me new goals. I love the gem store, and the idea of a Tower Jump is exciting. Though, the cabaret show seems unmissable, they are wearing such beautiful dresses.

  3. such a beautiful post, reminded me of the time I visited. I have been to Pattaya and both times I missed the Alcazar, the latest because my son was too small for it! I love their beach side cafes!

  4. A delightful read Varsha you shared really an offering practical tips for a memorable family trip to Pattaya, from visa-free entry to engaging attractions like Art in Paradise.

  5. Wow..I didnt know about these gems in Pattaya. I had gone for a destination wedding 5 years ago and from there we went to Phi Phi, Koh Lanta. In Pattaya i did watch the Alcazar show and went to the Elephant Sanctuary.

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