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4 things I do to ensure my child is emotionally happy

We’re assuming the role of our kids’ friends, teachers, playmates and even their punching bag everyday! We adults are justifiably going through turmoil emotionally but our kids have the short end of the stick. They’re holed up at home, bubbling with energy and confused with our jumbled instructions. How can we make them emotionally happy?… Read More 4 things I do to ensure my child is emotionally happy

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Teamwork begins at home #MyFriendAlexa

“He, who considers his success belongs only to him, stands alone” is a strong belief my parents instilled in us as kids. Being humble and acknowledging the part others play in our life is the least form of appreciation one can express. Just like the lead actor in a movie would merely be an insufferable… Read More Teamwork begins at home #MyFriendAlexa

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Banana Chocolate Pancakes with wheat flour

I’m often at my wit’s end when it comes to planning afternoon snacks for me as well as my family. This untimely hunger isn’t intense enough for proper food and typically lures us towards junk food items like chips or chocolates. Wouldn’t it be better to have something warm, fresh and nutritious instead? That’s how… Read More Banana Chocolate Pancakes with wheat flour