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This is how I enable online security for my kids using Happinetz

Parenting is one of the most rewarding yet challenging journeys for any parent. Every day and every child comes with a promise of being different and bright, and sometimes testy and taxing. The tried-and-tested handed-down parenting mantras from our well-meaning friends and family often don’t stand their ground today. Right from changing family structures to the education system and open communication with kids to acceptance of technology, there’s been a huge change in the way we operate as a society.

Gone are the days when kids were rationed an extra hour of television time on holidays since almost every family member now has a personal gadget to pore over. Adults observe certain informed responsible online behaviour but when kids use the internet online security becomes a real issue. Happinetz, hence, is an innovative product to relieve parents of their constant worries about their children’s internet usage. Read on to know more about it.

Technology has managed to seamlessly dissolve the boundaries of age and information. Whether it is a student looking for reference material, a share trader hunting for the latest leads, or a wannabe chef looking for recipes, there’s something for everyone. However, along with limitless knowledge, the underbelly of the internet has dark and scary spaces that can be damaging for the uninformed.

More so, if the recipients are innocent unsuspecting kids who are easy targets for catfishing, cyberbullying, and indoctrination. As a parent of kids who regularly spend time online for coursework, I worry about their online security and mental health. Even after supervision and restrictions in place, it isn’t difficult for them to jump a few fences at times. Through Happinetz, I found an effective and dependable way to keep them safe without intruding on their privacy.

This is how I enable online security for my kids using Happinetz_avibrantpalette

What is Happinetz?

Happinetz is a well-thought-out, solution-oriented product to ease the fears of parents. When it comes to technology, we know that it is here to stay and we cannot isolate our kids from it. Important school and college circulars, forms and results of competitive exams, relevant news about admissions, and whatnot, almost everything is now online. With apps like ChatGPT one can learn anything about any topic in detail. Added to these there are plenty of educational games and puzzles that can titillate and strengthen their grey cells. Hence, while accepting the presence of technology in their lives we must ensure their online security, and Happinetz is the first step towards that.

Happinetz Box is an ally that every parent needs and deserves. It allows your kids to operate in a safe space without supervision (which they like) while keeping tabs on their browsing from a distance (which you prefer). Let us discuss some of its unique features:

  • Happinetz can be easily connected to your home router, either wired or wirelessly.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is lightweight and easy to install.
  • It is customisable for kids of different ages with you managing the settings from your device.
  • It’s device-agnostic. It works on all kinds of devices whether iOS or Android and manages laptops, tablets, iPads, phones, smart TVs etc.
  • It is also browser-agnostic and supports easy browsing on all browsers, including incognito mode.

These features are impressive from the technological standpoint but what advantages does Happinetz have for a parent?

  • It acts as an aid in monitoring your kids’ online activity without letting them accidentally fall for harmful clickbait links.
  • It makes them feel empowered, confident, and responsible for the trust you show in them.
  • It does not collect any personal data and always ensures their privacy.
  • It isn’t meant to be used for any kind of surveillance, only for online security.
  • It has a multi-level filter which can keep kids safe from mistakenly landing on undesirable content or websites.
  • It leads to better parental control without you having to hover around, physically keep tabs on their screen time or supervise them.
  • It’s a great way to introduce young children to the Internet.

Most important of all, it aids in stress-free parenting. You can get on with your work and still be informed about what your kids have been up to. Any parent would agree that this is such a huge relief from an online security point of view.

How to install Happinetz box and connect it to your home router

The Happinetz package contains all the components required to get it connected to your home router, along with an Installation guide and Happinetz Reward Cardz.

Installation of Happinetz Box:

  1. Connect the power adapter.
  2. Use the ethernet cable and plug Happinetz Box (WAN) into your home router (LAN).
  3. Download the Happinetz App on your phone or Scan the QR code given in the manual.
  4. Switch off MAC Randomization on your phone and connect it to Happinetz WiFi.
  5. Use the default password (happinetz) to connect.

Setting up Happinetz Box:

  1. Sign up on the Happinetz App. Set up a new password for Happinetz WiFi when the app prompts you.
  2. Switch off MAC Randomization on your kids’ devices only for Happinetz WiFi and then connect them to it.
  3. All connected devices (including yours) will show on the Available Devices screen.
  4. Clicking on each device will prompt you to set a Mode for it between the available ones: Kid, Teen, and Parent.
  5. After a mode is set its icon will appear next to the device name. Repeat these steps for each device you want to connect to Happinetz WiFi.
  6. Once all this is done you can see the Home Screen and your Happinetz Box is set up!

My Happinetz Box experience!

Needless to say, I was looking forward to the Happinetz experience for myself and my kids. If it delivered what it promised, it would surely save me and them a whole lot of unpleasant discussions around screen time. Online security was also a major concern. After using it for over a week I can safely say that I’m no longer worried about their online security.

  • Right from installation to setting up and connecting the devices, it was a breeze even for a technically-challenged person like me.
  • Happinetz WiFi is easily available to connect to any device.
  • The UI is pleasing to the eye, interactive, and simple to understand.
  • I set it on different modes for both my kids (Teen, Kid). A schedule was agreed upon and through Insights, I got a fair idea about their category-wise usage and daily screen time.
  • I liked that we can change Mode Settings according to our preferences. Adult content and Security related websites cannot be enabled.
  • The speed was shaky at times but that could be attributed to rains and overall poor connectivity.
  • The Help Centre answers most of the generic questions in FAQs. If you still need help, you can click on Contact Us and live chat to get your issue resolved.
  • The best part, for every internet schedule they followed they could pick their reward from Happinetz Reward Cardz. This was fun!

All in all, this was a pleasant experience. My teenager got offended at first but I convinced him that his privacy wasn’t compromised. My concern was merely his online security. The younger one still has some growing up to do and couldn’t bother less!

To sum it up, Happinetz is an innovative product for safe internet for kids and is a must-have at home. It makes our parenting journey easier by taking the edge off the most common point of contention of internet usage in families nowadays.

Technology is going to be an integral part of our lives and it is in our best interests to adapt to it in the best way possible while keeping our kids out of harm’s way. Happinetz puts emphasis on online security while allowing them to gain knowledge from the vast world of the internet. It is about instilling discipline in them while ensuring that they’re allowed to be their own person and take flight. Could there be any better way?

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  1. Today kids are exposed to internet at an early age. It puts parents in a tough spot and they look for some solution so that the internet usage can become as safe as possible. Happinetz is that solution. What I like about it is it will not make kids feel as if parents are keeping a watch on them.

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    What truly distinguishes them is their proactive approach to safeguarding users, as they automatically block over 22 million adult and malicious websites by default. This robust system ensures that individuals, families, and organizations can all benefit from a safer online experience, shielded from the risks posed by harmful content. Happinetz’s unwavering commitment to web security is clearly evident through their ongoing efforts to expand their monitoring capabilities, providing reassurance to countless internet users.

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