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Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

Whether we see them or not movies are an undeniable part of our lives. Toddlers nowadays hear and parrot movie songs before they learn nursery rhymes, teenagers leer lasciviously over the increasing liplocking on screen, Bollywood dancing is fast becoming a rage while content-driven cinema beckons genuine movie-lovers. No one is left untouched! 🙂

Pay gap might still be a burning issue with female actors but women-centric movies have long been made and appreciated for the social and gender issues they highlight and address. I thank Farhat for introducing me in this Women’s Day blogtrain and have collated some exceptional movies that represent women as strong, earthy and flawed characters who do extraordinary things when faced with adversities. Read on.

Damini (1993)

Meenakshi Sheshadri ‘s portrayal of the protagonist by the same name remains etched on our mind for her brilliant performance as the woman who believes only in truth and fights to bring justice to their househelp who is gang raped by her family members. This movie shows that women have the ability to stand for what is right even if that means going against their near and dear ones.

Mrityudand (1997)

Madhuri Dixit has many memorable roles to her credit, but her character’s struggle in finding a place and voice in a male-dominated society shows her in a different light. This movie highlights the regressive attitude of men towards women in rural areas and the lethargy of administrative machinery towards it. Oppression can only make a woman emerge stronger is what we learn from this.

Astitva (2000)

Trust Tabu to bring life and genuineness to a role that would otherwise have made the audience make presumptions about the inappropriateness of her character’s moves and motives. This movie is one of my favourites and shows feminism in the real sense. It is the struggle of a woman in making her own choices irrespective of their acceptance in her family or society.

English Vinglish (2012)

Sridevi’s character, a doting wife and mother, quietly accepts the hurtful arrows of indifference and ridicule frequently shot her way by her family, until one day after a particularly distressing incident she decides to go back to the classroom to learn English and gain self-confidence. A woman’s resolve to shine and subtle lip-zipping of her naysayers never seemed so apt.

Kahaani (2012)

This gripping story with the essential Kolkata flavour was one of the best of Vidya Balan’s roles till date. When a heavily pregnant Vidya drags herself around the city looking for her missing husband armed only with his picture and some random information, one sincerely sympathises with her. In the climax though, her flaring eyes bring Goddess Durga and her violent assassinating justice to life.

Queen (2014)

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” is the premise of this story. When her groom leaves her at the altar a heartbroken Kangana Ranaut takes off alone on their honeymoon. She fumbles, falls and picks herself up, meets people and finds friends along the way experiencing life like never before. Freedom, independence, travel or self-responsibility, this movie has many takeaways.

Pink (2016)

“NO means NO” became one of the most talked about lines of the year when defence lawyer Amitabh Bachchan used them in the movie to emphasize the right of his clients, and women at large, to deny a guy’s advances. Taapsee Pennu brilliantly showed the fear and torment a girl faces for no fault of hers. That said, self-defence for women isn’t optional, as rightly shown in the movie.

Nargis in Mother India, Smita Patil in Umbhartha, Seema Biswas in Bandit Queen, Katrina Kaif in Tiger Zinda Hai, Taapsee Pennu in Naam Shabana, Rani Mukherjee in Mardaani, Priyanka Chopra in Mary Kom, are some other movies that deserve a mention. Ofcourse, this list is inclusive. Please add your suggestions to it.

I now direct the train to the next station where Dipika Singh will share her views on what being a woman is all about.

Dipika Singh is a freelancer educator who loves writing from heart. Having worked in Banking and Hospitality industry for over a decade, today she enjoys her dual role as a mother and as freelance associate professor. She began blogging journey early this year with her blog which is all about today’s women and associated reads – Parenting, Lifestyle, Fiction, Reviews, Events, Food.

This post is part of a  blogtrain hosted by Jhilmil Bhansali in collaboration with 9 other strong, wonderful, female bloggers to celebrate and cherish the spirit of womanhood.

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29 thoughts on “Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

  1. I have seen all of them and truly women oriented movies for this women’s days .. I agree those haven’t seen shuld definitely watch and those have should watch again☺️

  2. This is a good list to refer to for women’s day. Queen is my the favourite among these movies. I loved how a girl after rejection decided to live life and do the honeymoon solo…

  3. Such a well compiled list this is. Have watched them all and Pink is my fav amongst them. I think the appetite for women centric movies and strong women characters is increasing with time and filmmakers no longer need to justify their characters as much.. and thats great!

  4. You have nailed it, V! Yes, all of these movies wake us up with their message through the woman in the lead. Specially that last one – Pink. The message was powerful, very powerful.

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