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The Chef #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

People differ in views about making your hobby your profession. On one hand, it means that you enjoy going to work every single day and feel self-motivated to perform. On the other hand, though, it may entail compromising your vision for monetary gains. Also, the joy of indulging in a hobby is different altogether. I’ve been encouraged to become a home chef by a few friends but I never went ahead with it for the same reason. What are your thoughts about it?

This is my tenth post for Blogchatter Half Marathon and is on the same lines. I’m writing 100-word stories with a picture prompt as part of my Blogchatter Half Marathon posts since I love creating fiction.

I’m also trying to capture one emotion in every post. Today’s emotion is: EMBARRASSMENT.

picture prompt 10

Lily stood at a distance watching her boss, Chef David, deeply at work. He was a perfectionist and a stickler for presentation. Even a drop of sauce wasn’t allowed to stray. She admired that. Did he have to be a jerk about it though?

It was her first day today and he had reprimanded her in front of the entire staff for ‘flooding the plate’ as he put it. Rudely pushing her aside, he took over from her. “Go and boil water or something.” He said derisively.

Offended and stunned, Lily was glued to her place. Professional cooking was brutal.

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